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Good morning!  Welcome to another week.  Honestly, I love Mondays.  The kids go back to school, Patrick goes back to work (except for today, he is home sick) and everything goes back to "normal" for a few more days.  I need normal this week.  :) 

Just think, a few more weeks until we get to figure out our summer normal.  I'm actually looking forward to it now.  I'm going to have a sitter one afternoon a week and I think knowing I have that break to get my stuff done will help me relax and enjoy the rest of the week.  I'm also looking forward to lazy mornings, trips to the park, afternoons on the patio and at the pool...it all sounds good.  Also, no more volunteering at school.  As much as I love being in their rooms, I'm over it now.  :)  And no more packing lunches every morning!!  What are you most excited for?

Happy Belated Mother's Day!  Mine started out really nice but then we were just so busy, busy, busy and I wanted a nap and had just fallen asleep and got woken up.  I was so mad.  I ended up going to church by myself and talking to my mom afterwards for a long time and then I felt much better.  I have PMS right now and am very sensitive.  I hope it ends soon.  Being sensitive takes so much energy. 

On Saturday morning I had a really nice coffee & walking date with Kari.  Before our walk, we had delicious scones at Ground Zero that inspired me to make my own yesterday morning.  They weren't nearly as delicious but did the job.  :)  Afterwards I finished shopping for Ruby's birthday (tomorrow!) and returned home to spend the afternoon and evening on our patio.

I brought our old coffee table out and it's the perfect addition.  I'm going to sew a few more throw pillow covers out of outdoor fabric and get some more flowers but other than that, it's ready for summer.  sigh.  love.  We spent a LOT of time out there all weekend.

There is no official thrift share monday going on this week but I thought I'd share some of my favorite thrifted summertime art.

I got this large painting last year for $7.  I love the colors, the old house and the front porch.  It's a historical house somewhere in WI (I forget where, it says on the back, and is signed and dated 1977.)

 This is a somewhat smaller, maybe 24x18", painting that I got at the dig for $2 over the winter.  It looks good with the other one.
 This one below was originally marked $30.  It is titled "Summer Morning" and I just loved it, along with the green and white chippy frame it came in.  It seemed like too much for me to spend, though.  Then it was marked $15 and I still didn't get it.  Then it was $7.50 one week and I snapped it up.  :)
 It actually inspired this little living room corner re-do.  I've wanted new curtains in the living room for a while and finally got some.  They just so happen to match my painting.  :)

Ruby's cupcakes for school tomorrow are cooling.  I have SIX loads of laundry that I washed and hung on the line yesterday to deal with.  A lot of it is sheets and blankets so I have a lot of beds to make this morning.  Patrick is upstairs sleeping.  (We all caught mild colds from James but he seems to have it the worst.)  Nicky is just about finished watching Rocket (LIttle Einsteins).  I've got a bunch of stuff to package up for Ebay.  It's going to be a busy day but that's okay.  It's also going to be a QUIET one and that's just what I am craving.



  1. "Being sensitive takes so much energy." True! I met my (hopefully) new Dr yesterday about an issue (read: don't feel like typing that out. Let's just say that I usually prefer to not pull my pants down when I meet someone for the first time! tmi...) and cried before, after, during, and in the Target parking lot. And it was not that big of a deal. Wonder if I'm now on her 'no appointment' list? One of the first things I'm asking God is what is with the emotions?!? Man. And our poor husbands...

    And, if you wake up one morning and your patio is completely gone like something on a Vegas magic show, you should look in Duluth for it... just sayin'. ♥


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