check out my behind

I'm behind on laundry.
I'm behind on dishes.
I'm behind on groceries.


It's been a busy few days and my house is tore up from the floor up.  I spent the last hour packaging and printing shipping for my 16 ebay & etsy sales I had over the weekend (woot!) and am now going to plant my behind on the couch for some coffee even though I am behind on all of the above. 

Here are some pictures:

 the back of my van, for the rest of the summer:

 7am.  Do you know where your DS is?
 Lego Fest on Saturday:
 Ruby came along:

 Crabby Patty anyone?



  1. You're funny. Ruby's legs look so looooong in those photos. Where was lego fest? Don't you loooooooove the pool?

  2. ian and simon are JEALOUS of the lego fest!

  3. Man you have a big behind!! Heheheheh.. Love the photos.


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