Hello, dear ones. Today is Friday and I am still in my jammies at 10:39. I need to shower soon but first a quick blog and a second cup of coffee.

An aside: I wish I didn't like coffee so much, or at least liked it black. My coffee is usually around 80 calories a (large-ish) cup. If I splurge and have 2 that is a lot of empty calories. (Well, not empty as I do derive lots of pleasure from it which must count for something.) It's something to ponder...if I took in 150 calories less every day, I would lose 2lbs. a week.  sigh.  How sad. 

Anyways.  My mom is going to see my seester and her newly expanded family today and I am very jealous. 

Instead of packing my carry on, I am sitting here with a toddler behind me pulling on my forehead.

Moving on.  Here is Nicky crashed out the other day:
On Monday, which seems like 15 years ago, we had a big get together for a friend who is moving far away for a very long time.  It was really fun to see everyone and all our kids together.  They made a mud pie (see yellow bucket below) and it got grosser and grosser by the minute.  At one point Nicky ate a soggy pretzel out of the bucket and that's when Heidi stepped in and dumped it out.  Ewwwwww.  He is still alive so no harm done.
There is a new play structure and James was quite proud to make it to the top:
Some of our 1,000,000 kids:
My feet after they ran for 20 minutes.  I am proud of them but also looking ahead to 25 minutes in a few days!  Hoping for a cool morning.

There is talk of doing a night time 5K here in town in a couple of weeks.  I might be up for it.  If anyone would consider doing it too, let me know.  (Kari, I'm looking at you!)  :)  Find more info here.



  1. You are doing so awesome with your c25k! Maybe we can run together this summer????

  2. :) Thanks Sybil. I have a feeling you are a lot faster than me but maybe we figure something out. That would be really fun.

  3. Oh Stephanie - you are way ahead of me on the running front. I don't think I could be in shape for that - it's like 2 weeks away! Now if it was a karate thingie - i'd be ready to go.:) You got to give me more lead time. hehehe


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