Hello, friends and family. How are you doing? I am well.  Well, I am still behind but doing my best to ignore that and have a good week.  :)  I'm hoping I can get caught up this weekend.  I've only done TWO listings this week which makes me feel kind of sad.  My good stuff is piling up and I hope to have a super listing session this weekend.  I am fine with dishes and decent on laundry but my house is kind of a mess.  I was gone yesterday afternoon (hallelujah!) and didn't do my normal pick up before bed that I usually do.  Eh.  Who cares?  It's summer!

Some exciting news on the ebay front:  I made Top Rated Seller!  (you can click here to see my shiny top seller badge right by my feedback score) This is very good news as my listings will show higher in the search results now and I get a 20% discount on my final value fees!  Yay!  I never told you, I don't think, that that negative feedback got removed a while back.  I'm still not sure if ebay did it or she did but it was just gone one day!  I'm sure I'll get another one eventually but I'm glad I don't have one over that situation.
Below was Nicky on Tuesday.  I was so exhausted from waking up at 4am and running in the super heat and humidity that I could barely deal with this situation.  He might have stayed up there for a while.  :)
Here he is before his haircut on Tuesday afternoon:
And here is Ruby after:
We are all in love with Ruby's new shorter hair.  I love it because you notice her tiny little perfect face that much more.  I love her face.  If she was here I would kiss her right now.

(but will gladly wait until summer school is over at 11:50.  haha.)

So yesterday the babysitter came at 1:30 and I got out of Dodge.  It was glorious.  I thrifted for a while and then met Patrick for dinner.  We decided we are going to do that every Wednesday...either dinner out or a picnic or walk or something.  Why not?  Then he came home and I thrifted a bit more and came home around 9 to a quiet house with all the kids in bed.  so very nice.

Now I just need to sell some stuff so I can do it again next week!  :)  I am running another sale tomorrow and trying something new:  bigger discount (40% off), no free shipping, and no accepting offers.  What you see is what you get.  We'll see how it goes.  It's hard to accept offers when you are already giving free shipping and stuff is on sale...I would need to mark it up a lot more to make it worth it.  If this doesn't work I will try that next.  It's nice to be able to play around with things.  Everyone keeps talking about how crazy busy fall and winter are (well, through Christmas) so I am kind of excited.  :)

I ran this morning and it was so beautiful out.  It finally cooled off a little and I was feeling so good that I ran through 2 walking breaks, ending up going for 7.5 minutes straight.  My longest one ever!  It was fun.  So much better than that sick heat on Tuesday.  ugh.  We were also freaking out about the 8 minute run scheduled for next week and now I don't feel worried anymore.  (unless it is hot.)  I definitely need one of those little water belts, though.  I am a drinker when I exercise and I hate having to stop and get my water.  I could try the Camel Back my sister left for me, too.  I will do that first since I have it already.  Glad I worked that out.  :)

Well, I suppose I should get back to my baby.  He wants to go OUTSIDE OUTSIDE OUTSIDE.

My seester is due today. Oh, man.  Due dates suck.  It does mean we are super close to new baby heaven, though.  I can. not. wait.

Finally, please say a prayer for my hometown.  Duluth was hit by devastating flooding yesterday and it's just been unbelievable.   :(  You can see some pictures here



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