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It's Monday!  The first day of summer school!  This morning I was wondering to myself why on Earth I signed anybody up for 8:00 anything.  Then I got home and remembered.  Ahhhhhh.  Just me and Nicky!  It will be a nice way to break up our days for the next 5 weeks and both kids had a lot of fun today.

After summer school I picked them up and we had a quick picnic lunch at the playground before their swim lessons at 12:30.  After swimming I took all 3 of them to open swim and it went so well.  I was worried about this aspect of summer life as it was really hard telling them no to the pool so often last year.  I think we'll be there a lot more this year.  Nicky loved the kiddie pool and got around in there no problem.  James and Ruby went back and forth between the shallow end of the big pool and the kiddy pool and I had no trouble keeping my eye on all of them.  (My mother just clutched her heart and thought about what she needs to tell me next time we talk.)

Nicky didn't get down for his nap until nearly 3pm so he is still sleeping.  I'm going to let him go until 5:00 and then get him up.  Everyone is up later in the summer anyways and he still seems sleepy by 8:30.

As far as ebay, I made myself a summer goal of putting up 4 new listings a day.  This number seems totally manageable to me for some reason, probably because I can get it done in about 24 minutes...the length of one kids tv show.  :)   I use another 30 minutes or so when I get the chance to do packaging and listing maintenance and it should be a nice pace for summer.  (I can do this assuming I have all my pics taken but if I spend an hour on the weekend I can get them all taken, no problem.)  Sales have definitely slowed down a bit but I've been reading that this is the case for lots of sellers.  I still sold nearly $400 last week so I was really happy.  I ran a sale and that really seems to bring in the buyers and I don't end up selling things for much less than I wanted to anyways.  I appreciate those little $15 sales...I think they're called bread and butter.  :)  I might run sales every weekend when ebay seems to be busier.

Patrick news:  He has lost nearly 30 lbs now and is feeling good.  He also has rock hard muscles and I wonder how men can do that so quickly???  He got his new car last week and is soooooo happy.  It's really cute, a new Hyundai Elantra, and is rated really highly so it should last us a long time. 

We took it out on Saturday, just the two of us.  We saw Snow White and the Huntsman (loved it!), had dinner and went for a walk.  When we got home James asked to sleep over at the neighbor's house and we stayed out in the yard until dark with Ruby & Nicky so Ruby could try and catch fireflies.  (no luck)

On Sunday it was my birthday!  I love birthdays.  I started the day by making my cake with Ruby & Nicky.  I made a coconut cake with lemon-coconut frosting.  OH MAN.  It was so good.  When Patrick got up I made him taste the frosting and he immediately suggested that we have "morning cake."  :)  So we did!  I went upstairs to get ready and he frosted the cake and put some candles on it for me to blow out.  After cake & card opening, I left for the day.  In the new car.  All by myself.  happy sigh.  I shopped and shopped and had lunch and shopped some more.  Then I met them for church and we went home and grilled out for dinner.  And then had more cake.  A perfectly delightful day.

I went to Kohl's that morning and couldn't believe how many cute clothes they had there...and all in my size!  I am SO used to shopping at thrift stores where you might find a few cute things in your size each trip...not racks and racks!  It was kind of funny.  I needed bras (got 2) and shorts (got 2 at old navy) and then used some birthday money my mom sent to buy some new shirts.  She wanted to see them so here a few of them are:

I don't have any purple or orange shirts in my shirt collection so I was extra happy to find these ones.  :)  (oh my shirt collection is out of hand but I don't even care.  95% of them are thrifted.)

And finally, here are some other pics:
Nicky's sweet little face:

 We had an awesome time at the park last week with Heidi and her kids.  It was beautiful, shady, we had chairs to sit in, all the kids got along (except for when Nicky was throwing sand), and a dumptruck came with a fresh load of sand.  He drove away and they attacked.  It was so cute.

 Me before a run/walk last week.  It's so beautiful in the mornings.  Except this morning.  :(  It was raining when I was supposed to do my first week 3 workout.  Luckily it's not too hot so I can go tonight after dinner.  The work out this week is warm up for 5 minutes, run 90 seconds, walk 90 seconds, run 3 min, walk 2 min, repeat series, cool down for 5 minutes.  3 minutes seems like a long time but I think I can do it.  (I go slooooooow.)
 Patrick driving his new car:



  1. Yeah! Your birthday sounds DIVINE! Did you love that enchanted forest scene? Despite the odd naked sexless fairies that is? :) Love your new clothes too, SO cute!

  2. Wow sweetheart, what a nice long and fun to read blog :) I love the pictures, too. I'm so glad you're entire birth-day was fun....I just wish I could have gone buzzing around w/you in your new car.......oh, by the way, I really like all three shirts, too, the purple one especially. Good many did you get for me and Annie?????????
    Got to go as I am at work. Kiss everybody from me. I love you all, mama


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