James' friend was supposed to come with us right after lunch but her mom forgot to tell her babysitter and her babysitter said NO!  So we are waiting until they are back from the pool and then the sleepover fun will begin.  We're heading to a park for the afternoon.  I offered to take my kids to the pool, too, but the big ones both said NO!  :)  Fine by me. 

I took Nicky to Madison this morning for breakfast (above) and some thrifting and then to the car dealership to drop off the title for our old car and get some $$.  It took F O R E V E R to get it but it was totally fine because they had 2 kid size mini coopers for Nicky to play in.  He was in heaven and we finally got our check so it was all good.  Because we left early I didn't do any of my morning chores so it was nice to get caught up now before we leave again. 

Tonight I have to go to my neighbor's jewellery party and I'm hoping to get out of there by 8pm so I can walk before dark.  Tomorrow is another run day and I'm looking forward to it already.  I don't feel ready to make the transition to running more than 3x a week but I'm always a little sad when it's not a run day.  Isn't that odd?  I did lose 3lbs but not any more than that.  I am holding steady, pretty much back where I was, but would like to lose more.  That does mean eating less or exercising more and that's hard to commit to.  :)

I got Nicky's shirt at the dig and I couldn't love it anymore.  All of the snaps have different sea creatures on them.  so. cute.  I took it off of him before lunch so it wouldn't get stained.  I hardly ever do that.  :)

Time for the neighbor girl to get home!  Let the party start!!


Oh, this passed between Ruby and I the other morning:

S:  How did you sleep last night, Ruby?
R:  (leans in and whispers)  Naked!



  1. does he look sad because he misses his gramma?????? :)
    I want to see one of those mini, mini coopers!

  2. i love you Ruby you funny girly!!!!!



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