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Here we are, mid-week already.  Beginning next week, I will have a babysitter coming at 1:30 on Wednesdays.  What a nice way to break up my week!  The kids are excited...James even said he wished they could have a babysitter 2-3 days a week.  Ha!  Me, too!  :)  Not really.  (not yet.)

Here's Ruby the other day trying on her goggles for the first time.  They sucked.  James admonished me for purchasing them at the dollar store and told me you get what you pay for.  Whatever.  He's obviously been hanging out with his Dad too much.  But in this case, it pains me to admit, the little bugger is right.  We're going to have to get them some Speedo goggles next time we get to Target.

Here is Nicky yesterday morning.  We hung out on the patio scootering, folding laundry and dancing to the Avett Bros.  It was pretty fun. 
After our dance party we got the kids from summer school, went to swim lessons and then hit a nearby state park with a great play structure.  We finally headed home at 3pm.  Yawn.  I was so sleepy from sitting on my butt and talking with Wendy all afternoon.  :)

The other night Wendy and my neighbor Rachel met me at the track to do my C25K workout with me.  It was really fun to do it with other people.  This morning 4 of us met at 6am and did it again.  This is the week of 3 minute runs and we even added another one on at the felt really good.  Next week it jumps to 5 minutes...eek!  It doesn't sound like much, 3 minutes, but when I say I just ran for 1/4 mile...that is A LOT for me.  Today I ran (jogged) for a mile, total.  I don't know if I've ever done that IN MY WHOLE LIFE.
What a good way to start the day.

Now I need to call about refinancing (again...didn't we just do this??) and get some laundry on the line.  I had one whole ebay sale yesterday!  woot!

Oh, and James will want to remember someday how he went to a ballgame with his friends last night and afterwards their parents took them all to the local bar for a burger and some pool.  He was on cloud 9 when he got home.  so cute.



  1. You are doing so awesome with your C25K! My husband just started doing it, too. So excited for you guys :)
    Sounds like your summer is off to a fun start. Can't wait for summer to hit Seattle! The kids aren't done with school until the 22nd, which is fine since it will be cold until July 5th anyways.

  2. Sounds like you are going to have a great summer lined up! Those pictures of Ruby are great!
    Miss you much!

  3. Thank you, Sybil. That is so cool that Matt started! Are you going to run something together?

    Thank you, Jules. :) Miss you, too.

  4. those goggles are horrible.......:) just me, the sweet gramma


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