this is it

Here we are on the last day of school!  I can't believe it.  What a great year.  The kids had excellent teachers and both seemed to really like school (most of the time.)  Ruby learned to read and James found out he really likes math.  I totally enjoyed my daytime gig as a mother-of-one and started working again, too.  Very cool.

I feel really happy that it is summer but am kind of worried about the noise that comes with all 3 of them being here all the time.  I think the noise is the hardest for me.  (which includes someone saying "MOM!" every 2 minutes.)  I know we're going to have a lot of fun, though, and that in less than 3 months it will all start over.  :)

I was going to post a bunch of pics but I suddenly feel the need to get off of the computer and sit my ass on the couch.  This is the last day!!!!!




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