2 miles!

Not much to say this morning except that


woo!  :)  It took me 26 minutes so I'm not winning any land speed records or anything but it felt so good.  It was 80 degrees and 80% humidity.  Luckily, there was a sprinkler going that Wendy and I went through afterwards. 

Kind of makes me think I might, just maybe, be able to run 3.2 miles someday.  Probably not by next Saturday but that is okay.  Maybe the next one.

Other news...Nicky is feeling better.  He is talking to me normally again.  I didn't realize how much I missed his little voice until I heard it at 3am. 

S:Nicky, do you want to come in our bed? 
N: Okay.  (said normally without whining)

So happy he is better.  Still has a super icky snotty nose, though.  gross.

I am finding that the heat makes me more likely to wear lower cut shirts.  Who cares if you can see a little bit of cleavage...it's FREAKING hot outside. 

Patrick now (just slightly) weighs less than I do.  Ouch.  I would tell you what I weigh but then I'd have to kill you.  He "needs" to lose 4 more pounds to have a "normal" rating for his BMI.  Bastard. 

It is supposed to cool off tomorrow.  Yay!  I have no idea what we're doing this afternoon but I hope I can think of something.  Yesterday got pretty long, I'm not going to lie.  Luckily, Ruby and I escaped last night to get groceries and a dipped cone.

I have horrible coffee breath and need to go brush.  Happy Weekend!!  xoxoxo


  1. Great work seester! 2 miles! woo hoo

    xoxo, cant wait to run with you

    glad nicky is well too :)


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