back in the saddle

Wendy and I met to run this morning.  We did 30 minutes and it felt long and hot.  (it was hot...88 at 6am!)  But, we did it!  I might try to follow the end pattern of c25k and add 3 minutes a week.  Might.  Maybe.  I'd also like to work on my speed a little but will probably wait until it cools off. 

My friend Kari emailed me yesterday with some encouraging words and also a question...would I run a 5K with her in the fall?  Of course I said yes.  I had planned on running one in the fall just to keep myself going after the Dirty Girl but who knows if I would have actually done it after last weekend.  Now that I am doing it with her, I know I will.  Thanks, Kari.  :)

The van is in the shop (yes, again) getting the A/C fixed so we are home today.  It's super hot out anyways but it kind of sucks knowing you can't go anywhere, even if you wanted to.  I should have it back tomorrow...oh, I hope so.  (wednesday is babysitter day, remember?)  The kids and I worked really hard all morning going through all the toys.  I have a good size box to donate, threw a lot of crap away and set aside a pile for the kids sale in September.  I put all the Duplo size Legos and all the vintage Little People stuff in the basement for a while.  I plan on pulling them out again this fall when Nicky needs something new to play with.  I also have our Thomas trains, Lincoln Logs and Playmobil stuff down there for "someday."  I kind of like knowing it's down there.  James and Ruby have their toys in their rooms so mostly all that is out in the living room is cars and trucks. 

Was that the most boring paragraph EVER? 

I think so.

I'll check back tomorrow.



  1. YAY! When is the fall 5K? I am proud of you seester!


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