Hey there.  How's it going? 

Things are good here.  We got another rain storm last night/this morning which resulted in Nicky being up again but only for an hour.  And then, THEN, he (and I) slept until 9:30.  AMAZING.  The big kids got up at 8:30 (super late for James) and watched Scooby Doo until we got up.  It was so nice.  We decided to skip swimming and are just laying around the living room.  I am brewing coffee.  Nicky is playing with cars.  James and Ruby are still watching Scooby Doo.  :)  I promise I'm turning it off after my coffee.

We had a good weekend.  James was kind of a pill on and off but what can you do?  We did have a picnic dinner Friday night, bought school supplies and went out to dinner on Saturday night and I worked a lot on Sunday and took Ruby to get groceries while the boys worked on a "race car."

This picture was taken yesterday before Ruby crashed it but Patrick and James fixed it again last night.  I am kind of surprised at how cool it is.  The kids love it.

I also kind of freaked out on Sunday.  I am starting to really crave some time alone in my house.  It seems like all the closets and cupboards are jumbled up and everything just needs some time and attention.  I did feel better yesterday and decided to try and clean out one closet or area each week.  This week it's the front hall closet. (in case you were wondering.)  :)

Yesterday I ran some intervals and it was SO HARD.  I feel the need to mix things up a bit and that was a good start.  

(Nicky keeps saying, "na na boo boo, got me!"  It is so cute.)

Do you know I still can't believe that I go running?  Usually the night before I'm going to run or even the morning before I think to myself, "What am I even thinking?  I cannot run!"  It's kind of funny.  I suppose it takes a while to erase years of saying those things to myself and others.

I just ran out of writing steam.  I think it might be the coffee scent wafting in my direction.



  1. Red Green would like James and Patrick!

  2. Oh my goodness, that is so awesome! Your kids are incredibly creative :)
    Nice work on the intervals. They will make you faster!


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