brain dump

Wendy and I met to run this morning and were planning on some intervals.  We started our warm up walk and when it was time to run I suggested one more lap of "warm up."  When it was time to run again I suggested that we just walk today.  :)  So we walked for 50 minutes and it was really nice.  Our first skip all summer...we are such rebels!  One thing we talked about was how much there is to do before school starts.  As long as some days have felt recently, I know it's going to come quickly so I thought a big to do list was in order so I can have everything in one place.

to buy:

gym shoes - james
gym shoes - ruby
gym shoes - nicky  (just kidding)
kleenex  (3 big boxes)
post its (4 pads)
new thermos bottles?
new freezer packs - small
small containers for lunch box - plastic
safe snacks for James' classroom - put in shoe box with name - find box from last yr.?

to do:

call allergist - make appt.
scheudle Ruby dr. appt
haircuts - all 3 - call and schedule at JC Penney - free for kids in August!
pick up new epi pens
fax school forms to allergist/dr. for signatures once received
arrange meeting with james' teacher
get half pint stuff ready by aug 23 - me
get half pint stuff ready by aug 23 - wendy
find babysitter for thursday, sept 6 (half pint drop off - after school or sarah in morning just for nicky?)
find babysitter for oct. 26  (elle or patrick off?)
ask sarah about mon & fridays in fall  (nicky)
schedule mammogram appt.  (on a mon or fri?)
get backpacks/supplies ready to go before vacation
  -don't forget two $5 checks for weekly reader
have food on hand to make lunches on first week
make/update list of school lunch ideas

tell kelsey not needed last wed of august
get school calendar (days off, etc.) on my calendar for fall
make sure Ruby has nice, unstained shirts & shorts for first weeks of school


boy scout meeting - aug 13
school board meeting - aug 13  (sitter until patrick gets home?)
steph dentist - aug 17
dirty girl - aug 18/19
leave for duluth - aug 24
return from duluth - sept 2
school starts - sept 4

Wow.  I've got a lot to do.  Especially the half pint stuff.  (that is that children's sale that I did in April...the next one is sept 7.)  I offered to prep some stuff for Wendy (for a percentage of the profit) so I've got some extra work to do.  Nearly all of it is on hangers but it still needs to all be tagged.  whew!  I think I've got time, though.  :)

I feel a lot better now that I have all of this down and I just made a couple of the appointments that I needed to.  I'm going to print it out and stick it on the fridge, too.  Have you started thinking about back to school yet?  I don't have "buy clothes" on that list because I plan on doing a lot of shopping at the children's sale.  I will get to shop early again (am volunteering) and hope to find a lot of basics for the kids there.  I also have a lot for them in the basement so I need to go through that.  It seems like it's so warm the first weeks that they usually wear summer stuff anyways.  (except shoes)

My eldest was being quite the __________ earlier in the week but thankfully things have improved.  We had a really fun day at the Children's Museum yesterday.  James & Megan worked for quite a while on this house:

Also a couple more shots from what is now called THE COASTER OF DEATH:

Thanks for stopping by again.  :)  xoxoxo


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