feels like saturday kind of

It's 10:38am and I woke Ruby up a few minutes ago by going in to make sure she was still breathing.  Her and James are now eating breakfast at the kitchen table and James is pissed that we are out of sausage.  He volunteered to watch Nicky and Ruby while I go get some but Nicky won't let me out of his sight for more than 5 seconds today.  Nicky is sick now with a fever and some intestinal issues.  He kept me up all night last night, tossing and turning and curling up next to me like one of those roly poly bugs you find under a log.  He needed his face to be right next to mine and all I felt all night were his toes in my stomach and his hot, sick breath on my cheek.  A moment ago he was lying on the stairs eating a graham cracker so I thought I might have a few minutes to write...this is not the case.  He just sidled up to me and worked his head up under my arm while I type this.  His little hands are soft and warm against my skin and he smells faintly of puke.

It's going to be hot again today!  Tuesday was a long day, being inside all day with a sick Ruby.  Wednesday was fun...Ruby felt better and we all got out in the morning for a movie.  Nicky only lasted about 40 minutes so he and I bailed and went to Target for a while.  We headed home after the movie and Nicky went down for a nap (Patrick, too, I suspect) and the big kids and I jumped in Patrick's car and went for lunch and then to the Dig for a while.  It was half price day and I found a lot of good stuff...it was really fun.  When we got home Patrick and Nicky were out on the patio with both pools full and a curtain up for extra shade.  It felt stifling initially and I said they were crazy but after a while I got used to it and it was quite pleasant.  It's funny how 98 with shade and a breeze can feel pleasant, isn't it?  :)  We stayed out for quite a while, Nicky, Ruby, Patrick and I.  James opted for legos indoors.  At one point Patrick asked if I'd like some coffee and then disappeared inside for about 10 minutes.  When he came out he was carrying homemade frappucino type drinks and I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  Shortly after that he returned to the house and I was sure I had lost him to our bed.  He surprised me again with a plate of quesadillas!  It was so sweet and a really nice evening.  A while later we followed Wendy and her family to the Monroe fireworks and had a really good time.  Well, Nicky hated them and tucked himself in my arms for the whole show.  After a while he fell asleep and I actually heard him snoring during the grand finale.  haha.

I stubbed/hurt my toe so bad yesterday that it kept bleeding all through the night.  It is still swollen but does feel better today and I hope it will be okay to run with by tomorrow.

It's 11:41 now.  Wendy called and we actually talked for 38 minutes without interruption.  A record.

I am all caught up on my laundry and that feels good for once.  I've had a few sales the last couple of days and that feels good, too.  I just got a lowball offer for a jacket and am asking myself, "Would I rather have $15 or that jacket sitting in my basement?"  I think I'll accept her offer.  :)

xoxo, have a good one.


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