Happy Tuesday! Today I am feeling good. It's going to be dang hot again, like 100 hot, and Ruby has the poops, but life is good. Of course, it's 9:08am and it might be all down hill from here. :)

Kelsey was supposed to come and babysit today instead of tomorrow as that is the 4th but now she can't, due to the poops.  Patrick and I had BIG PLANS to go to Sonic for dinner.  We never go to Sonic and Patrick has been thinking about their chili cheese frito dogs for a while.  :)  Darn it.  Maybe next week.  My friend Kelly was also supposed to come thrifting with me (Kelsey was going to watch her 2 kids for a while, too) so all this fun will have to wait.  Something to look forward too, right?
I killed my phone over the weekend and have to pay $100 for a new one.  Better than $250, I suppose, but sales have been slooooooow this last week so I hate to spend the money.  Like crazy slow.  Yesterday picked up a bit, though, so I am hopeful.  I'm going to start another big sale today and try and get some of this summer stuff moving.  So much for my Top Seller Rating helping my sales!  ha!  I'm still glad I have it.
Last week James passed into the next swimming lesson level and he was so excited!  I was, too.  He had been in 2A for a long time and felt really proud of himself to have moved on.  Ruby will be in Level 1 again but she is doing really good, too.  I thought she had heat stroke yesterday but got a fever in the middle of the night last night so I knew it was more.  Their lessons are at 12:00 and 12:30.  Talk about hot!  Poor Nicky is just beet red by the time we leave.  He has a tiny friend Adam who is usually there and they are so cute together.  Adam is actually 3 and so sweet to Nicky.
When my phone died I killed my phone I was so sad because that meant NO MUSIC while I run.  Kelly saw my post on facebook and brought me her extra IPod to use until I got my phone.  So sweet of her.  I actually have an Ipod that I've never used, though, and Patrick loaded ITunes onto our laptop so I could finally buy some music last night.  It was so fun!!  I bought "Call Me Maybe" and we were all dancing around to it in the kitchen last night...James loves that song.  :)  I didn't really like it until I saw this video a while back and then I fell in love.  That girl couldn't be any cuter, could she?  (click the link if it doesn't show up below.)
I ran 25 minutes yesterday and then again this morning.  Next week we move to 28 minutes and then 30 minutes the following week and then it's done!  I will be able to run 30 minutes which won't be a whole 5K for me, but a good chunk of one.  I was dreading the first 25 minute run yesterday.  I didn't even believe I was going to do it until I actually started running...just couldn't commit to it in the crazy humidity.  But once I got going it was, well, pretty miserable.  ha!  But I finished and then this morning did it again with Kelly there, which was fun.  I will be kind of sad when this program is over but am still not sure I want to push myself farther.  Will I enjoy running just to run?  I don't know.  I do love how it makes me feel, though.  It's pretty cool to have something that you just do not do, have never done, and then all of a sudden (okay, very slowly) you're doing it.  The only thing that is making me go in this weather is the thought of how good it will feel when it cools off again.  Like heaven!!  Speaking of heaven.  I am so thankful for my healthy body.  So thankful.  What a gift.  Thank you, Lord.

I can't sign off without a Nicky update.  He is so cute.  Have I said that before?  ha.  He just says everything.  He answers "okay" when you ask him to do something or "no way!"  He repeats the alphabet after me and loves to dance.  He is a little muckball at bedtime and loves to press his nose into my bare arm and take a big sniff.  He and Ruby (he calls her "erbu") have a special relationship and the three of them actually played together a lot over the weekend in a restaurant/ship they made downstairs.  I'm so glad we have them.

That reminds me of my seester and her kids.  She is so blessed.  She has so much ahead of her...how perfect is a new baby?!  I am kind of jealous but it's easier because I know she will be here in the fall and she will let me borrow both of them whenever I want.  :)

Stay cool!



  1. You are doing so awesome with your running! Way to go, Steph!!


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