I just had a cup of coffee on an empty stomach, which I KNOW I shouldn't do, and I feel sick.  Does this mean I am old??

How are you?  I am good.  I came crashing down from my manic Wednesday morning high at about 8pm Wednesday night.  My Dad got to town early and Patrick was going to have to work late, so we ended up coming home and having dinner here.  It was really nice but I opened the chips while I was getting dinner ready and ate too many of them.  I also had a beer.  Then I had dinner and another beer.  And more chips.  Then I couldn't keep my eyes open and took at hour nap at 8pm.  Then I woke up and texted Wendy that I probably couldn't run the next morning because I felt sick.  (haha!)  Then I went back to sleep.  I woke up Thursday morning and realized I wasn't sick, just a pig.  :)  I met Wendy and it was my slowest, hardest run ever.  yuck.  A case of garbage in, garbage out?  Who knows but I felt so gross.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that if I could consume 150 calories less a day I could lose 2lbs/week.  Something about writing it down made it click for me and I've lost 3lbs since then.  Aside from my Wednesday night binge, I've been making little changes that seem to be adding up.  Most days I only had one cup of sugar and cream filled (mmmmmm) coffee and most nights I had an apple instead of an ice cream bar for a snack.  (Not every night, mind you.  I do like my ice cream.)  It feels good.  I'd like to lose some more weight before fall arrives and I put on my winter layer again.  :)  (How do people lose weight in the fall/winter???  Pumpkin bread, chili, hot chocolate, Christmas cookies, pumpkin bread...how???)

Okay, back to my Dad.  Yesterday he decided he wanted a smart phone so we planned to go to the mall after swimming lessons.  He sat in the hot, hot sun for an hour and watched both kids swim...it was very sweet.  After we had lunch in the mall food court, he headed down to Sears to check out the phones and I sat in the play area with the kids.  Sadly, Sears didn't have the phones for his plan so he came back empty handed.  (no worries, he can order online.)  We let the kids play for quite a while he sat there doling out gumballs (to Nicky) and I went back and forth between the play area and some nearby clothing stores.  (Can I just say how much I love Banana Republic?)  After that we walked down to the toy store and then through a couple of other stores.  I don't think I've been to the mall since last February so I enjoyed it.  Being there made me WANT stuff, though.  Funny how that works.  We were there for THREE AND A HALF HOURS.  That must be a record.  After we got home we had dinner and went to the pool for open swim.  It was a really nice day.  Dad was gone when I got up this morning but I kissed him goodbye last night because I knew that might happen.  :)  He is an early bird.  It was so good to see him.  xoxoxo, dad.

I haven't said much about Ebay lately, I know.  Not much to say!  Last week I made about $300 and now this week has been only about $100 again, plus another $50 from etsy.  Sometimes the weekends pick up a lot so we will see.  I have lots of cute fall stuff and will probably start listing it in August.  The sad thing is, I have TONS of cute summer stuff that I never got listed!  I haven't been doing my 4 listings a day thing for a while.  Maybe I'll try to bring that back next week.

We are half way through the summer!  That is crazy.  It has been a really good one so far.  xoxoxo, summer.

xoxoxo, you.


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