holy CRAP

You guys.  I am at my limiiiiiiiiit.  My NEW phone stopped working last night so I need to send it in to get repaired which will take NINE days.  Thank God I kept my old phone to use during all of this crap.  When they told me I would have to pay to ship the TWELVE DAY OLD phone in for repair I had a fit and might have said "piece of shit" and he suddenly offered to send me a free shipping label.  haha  Neither my phone nor my van has been working correctly this month and I am so over it!  I finally felt all inspired to get going on ebay again and now I have no camera.  :(  I can use Patrick's this weekend to take pics but that doesn't help me today.  (insert BAD SWEAR WORD HERE)  The van was not finished yesterday so I am hoping they call me ANY TIME NOW.

Last night there was a terrific thunder and rain storm and Nicky was up from 11pm-2am.  Ruby was also up for a lot of it because she was in our bed and Nicky just WOULD NOT go to sleep.  And I would threaten him and he would not stop and then I would put him in his crib and then it would thunder really loud again and he would cry out, "MOMMY!  SCARED!  OUTSIDE!  LOUD!" and I would sigh and go get him and it would start over.  It was crazy town but I was pretty much okay with it because it was so wonderful to have it rain.  I think it's been 2 months or something.  Except that is a lie and it wasn't pretty much okay because Ruby asked me this morning why I threw Nicky on the bed.  HAHAHAHAHA!  I didn't throw him, silly Ruby!  I might have put him down a little harder than normal but I certainly didn't throw him.  ahem.

James had a buddy over and I think they slept through most of it except his buddy did say he heard Nicky crying.  (sorry, Heidi!  Your kid might be tired today.)  What a night!

I imported my instagram photos so I could have something to show you in this here post.  (Thanks Sybil for the tip!)

Here's Ruby and Grandpa one morning while he was here:  (we miss you, grandpa!)
 A new favorite thrifted mug that is really big:
 Ruby's note to me the other morning.  She gave it to me and then did that thing where she put her fingers up to her eyes and then pointed them at me.  It was hilarious.  translation:  I am keepin' my eyes on you.
I wore my 5K tshirt yesterday, all day.  It was fun.  More fun than the race.  :)  I didn't get to run this morning (up too late, NICKY) so I hope I can go later.

I hope you are all having really wonderful weeks/days/months/lives.


p.s.  thank you Jolee for your comment the other day.  It made me laugh and feel better.  :)


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