I cannot think of titles for the life of me

I sat here for 45 minutes wanting a cup of coffee so badly but not wanting to wake anyone up by making one.  (are your kids like mine?  they sense motion, I swear.)  I finally decided to risk re-heating a cup from yesterday afternoon and was successful!  It was quite good, too.  mmmmmmmm.

So, how are you?  I am good.  Yesterday I told someone that something they had done made me feel bad and you know what?  That made me feel really good!  They also responded as I had hoped they would (with an apology) so that felt good, too.  When I come to those little points in life where I could say something or not say something, I'm trying to say something.  It's just better to put it out there, I think.  It makes the relationship feel more real and what is better than that?

We are almost to Aug. 1.  Wow.  Last week I felt so over this whole summer thing.  This week I feel better again.  (sounds strikingly similar to last year.)  I think my list helped.  I am kind of anxious to get back to ebay more but I can wait another month.  I am just not good at setting aside the time for it anymore.  Like right now.  I could be listing but I am blogging about not listing.  :)  I did have some sales over the weekend and have 8 packages that need to go out today. 

The kids and I have been reading the Bible together most days.  Nicky even says, "ME BIBLE!" and will climb up on the couch with us for a while.  This started because we missed church last week and I felt bad about it.  It's turned into something we are all enjoying and I hope we can keep up.  James was even reading ahead at night until I took it away from him.  (we are reading a children's Bible.)  He said, "That is a good book, the Bible."  HA!  good book.  hahahahhaa.  It feels wrong to take a Bible away from your kid but he didn't want to sit and listen with us the next day, you know?

Nicky had a huge tantrum on Saturday night at our neighborhood party.  I had pulled him out of one of those motorized cars and he was beside himself, he was so mad at me.  He stood there in the driveway with his little back turned to me saying, "Go away!  Go away!"  Poor kid.  It broke my heart.  Then yesterday I had to scoop him up and leave the library because he wouldn't stop running down the aisles.  (our library is small...running down the aisles is super disruptive.)  I told James to come out and sit in the van with Nicky after I buckled him in his seat and told Ruby to wait there...I would be right back to get my books and out we went.  When I turned around the Librarian (/my friend) was coming out with my stack of books.  That was so sweet.  It's not nearly as embarrassing for me dealing with these tantrums anymore.  It's more like, "really?  sigh."  :) 

Wendy and I ran yesterday and it was the usual "hard to start/slightly better to end" routine.  We were so glad we did it, though.  The last time we met we had walked and the time before that was intervals so we hadn't actually "ran" in a while.  We admitted that we both laid in bed yesterday morning hoping that it was raining so we wouldn't have to go.  :)

We had a good weekend!  On Saturday morning we went to a little community fest in my friend Susan's town and then came home and went to our neighborhood party.  Sunday night was a tie dye party...we met to dye shirts to wear to the Dirty Girl run.  It was really fun...I want to dye more stuff.  My shirt faded a lot but I do like how it turned out.

And now I don't want to ruin it in the mud!  :)  I did another one that is kind of ugly:

and I don't want to wear that one, either.  hmmmm.  I might have to get a kit and do one more.  The top one is an actual workout shirt I thrifted and I really like it, the bottom is just a cheap walmart tank. 

I cannot believe it is 8:30.  The big kids are up now.  I am hungry.  Here is one more picture, taken on our way home from Devil's Lake last Friday:

Nicky loved seeing this helicopter up close.

I think I get my other phone back today or tomorrow.  yay!

have a good day!! xooxo


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