pms can be a good thing

I know I have PMS so I am extra emotional right now but I am SO happy this morning I can hardly sit still.  The coffee hasn't helped.  I woke up at 4:30 and couldn't get back to sleep...that's what excited does to me.  It has been a good week already and it's only going to get better!  My dad called last night and asked if we wanted some company for a couple days.  Of course we do!  So he is coming tonight and will meet Patrick and I for dinner (a babysitter is coming later) before we all come home to see the kids.  I get to thrift today!  with no kids!  Friends are coming over for dinner on Friday!  5K on Saturday!  at night! with good friends! and music!  And on Sunday I am going to see a dirty movie (Magic Mike) with my dirty girls.  (we are not actually dirty.  okay, maybe a little but I said dirty girls because that is the race we are running together in August.)   So much good stuff.  I am so thankful for all of it.  Oh, and my phone is working!  Patrick still thinks I should return it as the screen goes white sometimes, and I should, but I just want to enjoy it for a while first.  And I didn't think I could have Instagram for some reason but I can!

This is the kind of thing blogs are good for.  If I posted all of this on facebook it would make lots of people sick.  haha!  



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