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There's so much to catch up on!

We went to the pool last Friday night and Nicky said his longest sentence ever, to Ruby of course.  We were in the kiddie pool with him and Ruby said she was going in to the big pool.  Nicky said, "No big pool, stay baby pool, Erbu!  No way big pool!"  ahhahahahhahaa.  Then on Sunday night we were at a park after church and he leaned over me (I was laying in the grass) and said, "I wanna swing now, mama.  Please swing now!"  so cute.  However, he also does that "MUM, MUMMY!  MUMMY!  MOM!" thing and sounds a lot like Stewie.  It's scary.

On Saturday I was super crabby and tired for most of the day.  I even took a nap and it didn't help.  Ruby knew I was cranky and did her best to needle me all. day. long.  Bless her heart.  That evening we went to a pool party at our friend's house that was so nice and relaxing.  There was a breeze, it was gorgeous out...the first time you could enjoy being outside in over a week.  We had such a good time until the end when some unfortunate decisions lead to a fire in their backyard and their neighbor's backyard.  We lit off some professional grade fireworks and the first one that went off...every ember that came down started a small fire.  There were two more that went off immediately after (they were tied together) and the same thing happened.  Within 30 seconds there were fires all over these two huge lots and it was dark out and there were about 30 kids present.  What happened next kind of amazed me.  It kind of hit us all what was happening and we first got all the kids across the street.  I had Nicky in my arms and stayed with the kids (along with a couple other women) while almost every other adult got to work on the fires.  They have a huge pool so they used buckets and rakes and hoses and had it all out within 10-15 minutes.  The fire dept. came and checked everything but didn't need to use their hoses or anything.  Even though there was a burn ban, no one got ticketed.  It was so scary and stupid.  We were so lucky that night.  (although I know it wasn't luck.)  If any one of a few little things would have been different, it could have been tragic.  As it is now, we were all just in shock on Sunday and there are two burned up lots.  (seeing the pics on Sunday was awful.  There was a LOT of burnt ground.  Thank God the grass was super short and the fires only got about knee high.)  It was so hard going across that street while I could see Patrick and everyone else back there running around in all the smoke.  It was awful. 

The big kids slept with us Saturday night but seemed okay on Sunday.  Patrick and I, on the other hand, kind of felt like zombies.  Zombies who had dodged a big bullet.  My friend called that afternoon to see how I was doing and we realized we were both feeling that same way.  As I talked with others that were there it was clear that everyone was.  Kind of a post-traumatic thing, I think.  It really helped to get out and go to church that afternoon.  I felt mostly better by Sunday night.  Just SO thankful.  SOOOOOO thankful.  Lots of lessons learned that night.  Also, I kind of fell in love with every person there.  To see everyone working together and staying calm and comforting each other...it was pretty cool.  People are amazing.  I feel lucky to live here and know these people.

Okay.  the end.  shake it off.  :)  Writing it all out made me kind of sad again.

In other news, my new phone that I got doesn't work.  HA!  I am getting a nice long break from technology and it isn't that bad, I guess.  I mostly miss taking pictures and texting with my friends.  I missed Heidi at the zoo yesterday and I know that wouldn't have happened if I would have had a phone.  boo.  I hope to hear from them today and get a new one tomorrow.  This had been crazy!

Wendy and I ran this morning and I went 2.25 miles!  She always laps me and today I sped up on the straight sides of the track and slowed down on the corners and she never passed me!  She came close but it was the first time she never did.  :)  She even said she was sprinting at the end to catch me.  :)  (she did almost 10 laps to my 9) I am testing myself a little now with my speed.  It doesn't kill me to speed up sometimes and feels kind of good.  The first 5-10 minutes of my last 2 runs have felt really hard, though.  Like I want to quit immediately.  It's no fun.  But then it gets better...not sure why.  And the end is always fun...like, I got this now...only 2 laps left or whatever.  I am still nervous about doing the 5K on Saturday even though I know I can walk if I want.  I would just like to be able to run it all and don't want to be too hard on myself if I can't.  We'll see!

I've got to go make some coffee and get some ebay listings done.  I have been having some sales but haven't gotten anything new up for over a week.  Now that summer school is over we need to find our new routine.  Phase 2 of summer starts now!  Wish me luck!


sorry about not having any pictures.  it pains me, too.  :)


  1. WOW about the fire! I used the dry conditions as my excuse to not do any fireworks, but really it's just that I'm too cheap and too much of a fuddy duddy to want to ever do them. What a scary and amazing experience all rolled into one. And you are absolutely correct. People are pretty cool and it is powerful when we all come together to work on something good and important.

    Color me impressed with your running! That is awesome!!!!

  2. Wow, that.sounds really scary. So glad everyone worked together and got the fire put out. Whew!

    Awesome job on your running. Do you always do it at the track? As far as having a hard time getting in to it, I still have a hard time the first one to two miles, whether I am doing 3 or 13! Your 5k will be so fun and you will have so much adrenaline you will definitely do great!


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