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We visited the best place last weekend. We met my mom in Eau Claire for one night (sorry I didn't call, Melissa! oxox) and as I was googling things we could do together outside, I found a place called Big Falls County Park. There were only a couple of pics on the site but it looked cool and I thought it might be worth checking out.  It was raining when we got to EC on Saturday so we went to McDonald's (play area) and then to the mall (play area.)  It cleared up after an hour or so and my mom, James and I decided to go see what the place was like while Patrick took Nicky and Ruby to the hotel to get checked in and swim in the pool.

It was amazing.  For my friends and family from Duluth, it is kind of like a mini Gooseberry Falls.  (Gooseberry Falls = one of my favorite places, btw.)

We did a lot of exploring the river and rocks and rapids, most of it trying to find a place to cross over to the huge sandbar and other rapids.

Some of us might have fallen in while others thought we might die there.  :)  haha.  (no worries)
Eventually we ended up back where we started and realized you could just walk right across the calm, low part of the river and get to the other falls.  ha!  Of course.
James went first...
and I followed him to check it out a bit.

This was me telling him to stop making bunny ears!!
It was awesome and we knew we had to go back on Sunday for the day.

Ruby carrying the boogie board, James in the River:
Patrick and Nicky on the beach:

One set of falls that people were riding down/jumping in to:
You can just make James out on the tip of the rock, getting ready to jump in:
There he is!  The current would just take you out a ways and deposit you into sandy, knee deep water.
The rocks were beautiful, the water clear.
It got busier as the day went on but never seemed too crowded.  Very low key. 
We headed back to the cars at what we thought was about 3pm.  It was 5:15.  :)  You do have to carry everything you need in with you, and cross the water with it, but it wasn't bad at all.  The water was about thigh deep where we crossed.  It was like God's version of a water park.  Lazy River, water slides...just the best.  You did have to be careful and smart among the slippery rocks and rapids but most of the areas were so shallow and dry that it was perfect for the kids.  (They did have their life jackets on at all times while playing in the rapids.)

On the way home Ruby and Nicky made forts over their car seats.  They sat like that for nearly an hour, just peeking out once in a while to ask for something.  (of course.)

I can't wait to go back!! 



  1. It was even my bday weekend and you didn't stop ;( Ok, next time. I could give you a tour of Big Falls you know or anywhere else in EC. I would have dropped over had I just casually saw you at the mall or mcdonalds!!! We moved by the way, you could stay with me but I don't have a pool but I have a sprinkler and two cute kids!! Hope to see you soon. xoxo


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