can't believe it's friday

Where did this week go??? 

On Tuesday we met Kari at the Pheasant Branch Conservancy.  I first heard about the PBC from Teresa and have wanted to check it out ever since.  Kari and her family had been there before and were happy to show us around.  It was a fun afternoon and I'm sorry I don't have any pictures to show you.  We walked into the woods for a while and then came to a little stream that was shallow enough to all get in and walk upstream for quite a ways.  It was cool and shady and so pretty.  I loved it.  We are definitely going back with Patrick in tow.

I should note that we entered from a different point than Teresa mentions in her post that I linked to above.  (I want to try that entrance, too, as her pics looked so fun.)  On Tuesday we entered from Orchid Ridge Park which does have a parking lot and restrooms.  You can see a map of the (huge!) area on their website, here.

Sometimes I just get the urge to be in the woods with my kids.  We have tons of woods surrounding our town but I get so nervous to be in them myself.  Is that silly?  I just do.  With this little hike on Tuesday and being at Devil's Lake last Friday, I feel like I've gotten to do that a bit lately and I'm so glad.  I love the woods.  I can't wait to go to Duluth in a few weeks!

On Wednesday I had the sitter come late so I could take the kids to the pool for a while before I ditched them.  That afternoon I thrifted and then met Patrick for dinner.  We had a glass of Blackberry Sangria and it was so delicious.  yum.

Wednesday night was a mess.  Nicky was up allllllll night coughing and stuff and I felt like a zombie yesterday.  I truly appreciate the sleep I usually get now.  All I wanted to do yesterday was eat carbs and think about sleeping.  Not fun.  Nicky seemed better in the afternoon but was kind of crabby all day.  He seems back to normal today (and slept better last night...only got up once) and I hope he can hang in there because we are meeting Sybil and her family for lunch this afternoon!  Can't wait to see them...I always love our visits.  :)

I didn't run this morning because I wanted to sleep.  I hope I can go tonight.  My last run on Wednesday felt good and I needed that.  Before that, I had started feeling sick of getting up so early and the heat (especially the heat).  Having a good run snapped me out of it, thankfully.  I think running will be like anything else for and downs. 

I did get my new phone but am too lazy to upload pics right now.  I did take some and post them to instagram, though.  You can see them in a little instagram widget I added to the blog...upper left corner...if you want to.  Or follow me:  stephaniekgb.  I like instagram and am looking for more people to follow...let me know if you are on there!

My kids are making me itchy.  We need to get out of this house sooner than later, if you know what I mean.



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