I haven't been trying to make you wait, it has just been a very busy week.

Let me get right to the pictures!

Here is a before shot, still at the hotel.  I have these with most of my friends but just haven't uploaded them yet.

one of the first obstacles...this was inflatable, like a bouncy house:
heading into our first muddy one:
 after the mud started it was hard to keep the lens on the waterproof (disposable) camera clean:

 we paused a minute for some leg wrestling:

 the mud!
 just chilling.
"after" group shot:

We had SO much fun.  The whole weekend was really awesome and the run was totally awesome.  We left about 9am on Saturday and did some shopping at the outlet malls.  We met up with the rest of our group for a late lunch (with margaritas!) at about 3:00 and then headed to our hotel.  There was a Danny Gokey concert put on by Dirty Girl that night but most of us were like, "who the heck is Danny Gokey?" so we skipped it and laid on our beds and talked for a long time.  After resting up we all met over at a bar across the street from the hotel and ate and drank and laughed and laughed until about midnight.  We rolled out of bed on Sunday at about 9:30 and went downstairs for a tasty breakfast (Hamptons have good breakfasts.).  Then it was back to the room to shower and get our tie dyes on!  Everyone met in our room and it was SO FUN to see how cute everyone looked.  We took tons of pictures and headed to the event which was just a few miles from our hotel.  We checked in and hung out for an hour or so until it was time to go!

The race itself was awesome.  The obstacles weren't too hard, only the straight wall was hard for me (I needed a push to get over.  :)  nice.) but they were all fun.  We got muddy about the 4th obstacle in and then it was all downhill from there.  By the end we were rolling in it and throwing it at each other.  Slipping, sliding ("Shady Down," we would yell.  Our team name was the Shady Ladies.) was pretty crazy.  The weather was PERFECT (75 and mostly cloudy) and there were lots of water stations.  It wasn't much running at all as there were so many obstacles to stop at.  They repeated the mud pit obstacles like 4 times or something, which got kind of old.  (something muddy and different would have been nice.)  We went through trails in the woods for a while and that was cool.  The whole thing was really fun.  We all stayed pretty much together and did every obstacle together, crossing the finish line while holding hands.  Yay!  The "showers" after were a hot mess in every sense.  The water was cold and there were only 6 hoses or something like that on one side of the shower tent and on the other side there were all these lengths of PVC pipe on the ground with holes drilled and water shooting out of them.  It was very bizarre trying to clean off your breasts or other parts (mud was everywhere, if you know what I mean.) while standing over a geyser of freezing cold water surrounded by 100s of women.  After the refreshing "shower" we were herded over to a barn to stand in the mud and put on our clean clothes.  Whatever.  It was fine.  The shower later that night felt beyond wonderful.  (I do have a rash covering my body, wherever my clothes were, but it doesn't itch hardly at all.) 

After we were clean and dry we met up to get our free drink and eat.  But the food was all sold out.  :(  We headed to a nearby brew pub and proceeded to PIG OUT.  It was awesome.  :)  I was so sleepy and cozy (sweatshirt weather by that favorite.) and happy and full.  It was great.  We got home about 10pm.

Loved it!  Doing it again next year! 

Who wants to join us?  :)  Let me know.



  1. Sounds like a blast! Your pictures are awesome, too. What a fun group of friends!

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  3. I loved this post! What a fun way to spend a weekend!! I could totally dig doing that. Is this an annual event?


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