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I woke up at 5am and couldn't get back to sleep.  I've been unable to find 2 pairs of children's shoes (one for Ruby, one for Nicky) that I had bought earlier in the summer and it was driving me NUTS.  My basement is currently a dark pit of despair (first September project!) and I as I laid in bed I resolved to head down there and not come up without those shoes!  Luckily, it didn't take me too long.  I located a second shoe bin that I hadn't labelled.  (sheepish grin)  Yay!  I also got out Ruby's potential school clothes and HOLY COW do I have tons of cute stuff for that girl...all thrifted and mostly like new.  She will definitely need some pants, her pickiest subject, but has lots of cute shirts and hoodies and sweaters and dresses.  Okay, maybe not LOTS of hoodies and sweaters and dresses but a few of each, which is plenty for her to start.  James is going to a sleepover this afternoon so I might meet Patrick at the mall with Nicky and Ruby.  I have a 40% off coupon for Gap and I think their soft pants will be right up her alley and with the coupon they will be cheaper than Target, even.  Nice.  I hope to take James this weekend, divide and conquer as my friend Kari suggested, but I think Nicky is set...he has so many hand me downs from James and friends.  Such cute stuff, too.

So!  Finding the shoes made me so happy!  Also, happy...cool temps today and I peeked ahead and saw potentially really nice temps for the Dirty Girl on the 19th.  It is sooooo nice to have a break, for however long, from that dang heat.  Yuck.  The only bad part is we do need to mow our lawn again.  :)

A couple random things:

Running:  I got this contoured water bottle for running and I LOVE it.  Mine is pink (Berry) and I got it at TJ Maxx for $6.99 but I think it's worth what they are charging on Amazon.  It slips over your hand and you don't even need to hold onto it...it just stays there.  It is definitely for shorter runs but holds plenty for my 30-35 minutes.

That is really the only new "gear" I have purchased for running this year.  I got my bra, socks and shoes last year and have had my Ipod for a few years...just had never used it.  (duh, me.)  I have found nearly all of my running/athletic clothes at the thrift stores.  Yesterday morning I was wearing Lululemon pants, a Lands End sports tank and a Nike jacket...all thrifted!  Love it.  :)  Oh, wait.  I did order a Bondi Band.  It should be here today!  I hope I like how it fits.  I got a tie dyed one to match my shirt, natch.

Dirty Girls have a habit of donating their muddy shoes after the race but I couldn't see doing that with my $80 pair that is still in really nice shape.

So I thrifted a pair, of course!  I got a pair of Nikes for $2.50 that I won't mind dumping on the pile afterwards.  They felt comfortable at the store and I plan on wearing them beforehand to make sure they're okay.  (I really hope they are.) I also scored my first running skirt this week for a mere $4.00.  I'm going to try that, too, and hope I can wear it for the race.  It is black nylon so I think it will be easy to wash out afterwards.  I have running shorts but they are tighter than I like...I'd definitely feel better in the slightly looser skirt.  I am getting SO excited for this now!

Summer Fun Stash:

haha, just kidding.  :)  

When the weather first got so hot I started picking up little things for my kids to help keep them occupied, especially on Wednesdays when the sitter was here.  I thrifted a new big box of Crayons, bought some poster board, new markers, different coloring books, bubbles, chalk, etc.   After I started, I just seemed to keep finding things.  I started stashing it in the closet and will now pull something out when we need a distraction.  All of this stuff below is from thrift stores.  Some of it I plan on bringing to Duluth with us in a couple of weeks, the rest we will use whenever we (I) need it.

I got all of it for less than $25.  I know the pic is blurry, not sure why, but there's a play doh kit (with 6 new cans of play doh), an awesome kite, a cheap kite, origami paper, helicopter toy, 2 wooden helicopter kits, spongebob bingo/checker game, eric carle jumbo puzzle, bubbles, 2 brand new card games, floatie ring, giant frisbee, a new 5 pack of Matchbox cars for Nicky (not shown) and some mini water game things.  Of course I love being creative and thinking of cool things on our own or finding something on Pinterest or whatever but let's be honest, here.  Sometimes easy is where it's at.  Easy and thrifty?!  Totally where it's at.  Also, it's cool to see how one thing can spur on something else.  The Bingo game came with Checkers, which I didn't know at first.  We have a checkers game somewhere but having this one OUT made us start playing and now James and I are in a tournament and he is kicking my butt!  (James 3, Steph 0)  The big puzzle made them go hunting for all of our other puzzles and the play doh was combined with our existing tools and has been pulled out at least 3 times this week alone...that cost $4, including all the new play doh.  I am totally going to keep this in mind and do the same thing for next summer.  Love it.

Is anyone still here?  I have one more group shot of thrift scores.  Should I show you or save it?!  Okay, I'll show you.  :)

 I need to change the photo size setting on my phone.  Anyways.  Awful color but I wanted to get it all put away so this will have to do.  I spent under $40 on everything shown above.  Included is:

sleeping bag for James  3.99
banana republic blouse for me 3.99
red wooden candelabra, made in sweden 1.59  (vintage?)  (ebay or etsy)
brand new box of parchment paper .99
brand new kids Acorn slippers .99  (on their website now for $30)  (ebay)
leather merrell Zodiac shoes for me $9.59 (original retail 79.99)
nikes for race  2.49
SAS shoes 4.00 (ebay)
life is good shirt for james 1.99  (he really wanted one of these)
owl shirt for ruby 1.99
running skirt 4.00
new pack of bungee cords  1.99
brand new pack of Hollywood Tape  .99  (I LOVE this stuff and use it all the time in the summer.  I cut the strips in half and use one on each bra strap...totally keeps shirts from sliding off of my shoulders or slipping too low in front.  love it!  I actually just looked at it at JoAnn's because I am almost out but didn't get it because I didn't have a coupon.  It's about $10 there, $9 on the site.)

Wow.  Quite a haul, eh?  I haven't found this much for us in a while.  (besides clothes, always clothes, at the dig.)  The SAS shoes and slippers should more than pay for everything else when I ever get them listed

Can I tell you how excited I am to get back to work?!  I am so excited!  I am also thankful for the small amount of sales I've had this summer even though I haven't worked much, especially in the last month.  I am also thankful that I was able to let that go and just focus on what is most important right now...my kids and my sanity.  :)  Had I been trying to work in my free moments, instead of resting or doing something else I enjoy, I think I would have felt a lot more stressed out.  As it was, I have definitely had some bad days but it's been a really good summer overall.  Yes, it feels super busy and often crazy with 3 kids around but we have had a lot of fun.  thankful.  (also thankful for school to start soon!!!!  and vacation in two weeks!!!!)

I think this is plenty for one day.  Maybe even for a week or so?!



  1. Ooh, I have to find one of those water bottles ASAP. I also have a running skirt and I like it. I would make one recommendation though. Try it out to see if you need powder or that "glide" stuff on your inner thighs or you may end up a chafed mess like I did! Btw I finished wk2 today and my legs and butt are killing me.

  2. WHOA! I am going to get one of those water bottles, totally awesome. Great items you found too! yay seester


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