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I have wanted to take some blogging time all week but it just hasn't happened.  Two nights I went to long school board/school related meetings and was trying to get all of my Half Pint stuff priced on the other two nights.  (not done yet.)  I ran on Monday (intervals) and when I started running on Wednesday my right abductor muscle in my thigh started aching.  I stopped after 15 minutes because I am not one to run through pain.  :)  I decided to rest until the race on Sunday.  (It is not timed, so not really a race but I still call it that.)  Last Friday we hung out with Zoe and Kari all afternoon and I could feel fall in the air.  It was lovely but also made me the tiniest bit sad.  What a good summer we've had.  We've been having beautiful weather in general lately and that is SO NICE.

Yesterday afternoon we went to a local park to fly kites.  Gorgeous!!

They are flying the awesome kite I got at goodwill for .99.  I would totally pay more money for another good quality kite...I can see now how it is worth it.

Ruby also managed to do the monkey bars while holding her bear in her teeth.
Wendy and her awesome kite...it is as tall as James!
The kids threw rocks in the river for a long time.
We couldn't believe no one got hurt.  It looks chaotic, and kind of was, but it all worked out.  :)

Last Saturday we went to Devil's Lake.

Patrick.  Looking good!
Ruby and this little boy played together for a long time.  He had what looked like a baby catfish in his cup.

One day this week we made chalk paint.
It is so pretty when it dries!!
Ruby also made a cake (mostly) by herself.  Her measurements weren't exact (like level cups and things like that) but it turned out pretty good!
We checked the class lists.  Always very exciting!
Built stick things:
and played, played, played.
Ruby slept in our bed one night.
On Wednesday we met Heidi and her kids and had lunch at a park and then went to the Dig.  Yay!  Earlier in the day I thrifted a beautiful purse and shirt:
We also tie dyed yesterday and the stuff turned out so cute!
It's been such a great week and now I get to leave tomorrow morning for a girls weekend!  We run the Dirty Girl on Sunday afternoon.  eeeeek!

I hope you've had a good week and are enjoying these last days of summer!



  1. I LOVE all the pictures honey.....thanks. XO


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