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I am on break right now.  I set my timer for 30 minutes and have 17 of them left.  I first made a cup of coffee (yum) and then checked facebook and read a few of my favorite blogs.  Now here I am at my real favorite blog.  ;)

It's so quiet here.  Nicky is at his sitter's and I have a day at home to get my ebay store back up and running!  Yay!

Yesterday was drop off day for the Half Pint Resale.  I went early so I could be first in line (geek!) but it worked out so well.  I waited an hour for the doors to open (beautiful day, no kids with me, cup of problem) and then had all of my stuff (and Wendy's) checked in and out on the floor within an hour and 10 minutes.  I had a lot of stuff to put out, you guys.  If I told you how much, you would think I was strange so I won't right now.  :)  Come to think of it, you probably think I am strange already.  I had about 700 items...about twice what I had for the last sale.  I hope to at least double my profit, too.  We will see!!  If you are around this weekend, I HIGHLY recommend this sale.  They only take current items in very good crap here!

(I am down to 12 minutes.)

After I was done a friend of mine showed up so I helped her get her stuff put out.  After that, I walked out the doors and felt so free!  And exhausted.  And like I wanted to go for a run?!  I haven't ran in 2 weeks, not at all on vacation.  Yesterday was the first time I've felt that desire, which was a good sign I think.  Of course, I went to QDoba instead and ate a whole naked veggie burrito bowl and read the Isthmus.  Ahhhhhhh.   (burp.)

Last night I went to a school board meeting.  I will post more about this later but there is a lot of crap going on in our little school district.  There are some changes happening, for the better, but there have been lots of meetings in order to get the ball rolling.  The good part was that I got to talk with some of my friends afterwards and it was so! fun!  I've missed them.  I went from seeing them almost daily all summer to not at all for the last 2 weeks.  It makes all the meetings a bit more tolerable, knowing they will be there.  Afterward we were done chatting in the parking lot, Wendy and I both ran (not literally) to the grocery store to get snacks for school and ended up standing by the service desk eating strudel with the cashier.  Girls night!  Grocery store!  Be there!

I have less than 3 minutes left.  I will finish this with a mess of pictures from Duluth.  I want to write more about visiting Duluth, too.  You should go!  It's beautiful and there are so many free things to do with your kids.


Ruby and I at Gooseberry Falls:  (free to visit, 45 min north of Duluth)

 Ruby and Wolf:
 Exploring the falls...water was really low:
 Perfect Nicky-sized spot:
 James & Teddy:
 Ruby at a lava flow:  ($5 if you want to drive down and park or free if you follow trail from the falls)

 The kids swam a TON.  My Sister in Law got us a great deal on an awesome 2 bedroom suite at her hotel The Marriot Residence Inn.

 We like these family bikes (surries) at Canal Park.  One hour, $18.  Next year James will probably ride his own low three wheeler...they are $11 for an hour.  You can go up and down the boardwalk and canal...very fun.

 View from Enger Tower:
 FREE to visit here and they have lovely gardens, too.  Gorgeous place.

 Overlooking Twin Ponds where I swam as a kid:
 Below Enger Tower is this cave that my Dad played in as a boy.  James said, "Is this it???"  Nice.  :)  He did think it was cool, though.
 My Dad:
 Patrick and NIcky:
 Grandpa and James:
 See ya!



  1. What a perfect vacation! Duluth looks so pretty and serene. I've never been there, but you sure make it look tempting!


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