do you see yourself clearly?

Does anybody else have a warped or unclear perception of what their body actually looks like?  Do you struggle to have a clear idea of how you look as you move around in this life?  I think I do.  A lot of times I will see people who I think might be larger than me but wonder if they might also weigh the same as I do?  Does my butt look like that?  Is she a lot smaller than me?  How much would I need to lose to look like that?

I say all of this because I'm being really honest.  I do think about how my body looks to myself and others.  I also want to say that I think I have a pretty healthy body image and am not AT ALL obsessed with this.  It just comes up sometimes, you know?  Especially when I see a bad picture or, do I really look like that???

So Nicky is sleeping and I was watching this show "Girls" on HBO.  In one scene this girl gets naked and she looks kind of chubby.  Not fat, but chubbier than most naked girls you might see on TV.  Well, I googled her, just to do I compare to what size she is?  Because I was thinking, if she looks like that as a size __ then I must look like this as a size __.  You know?  Do you see my train of thought?  (Her name is Lena Dunham, btw, and she is a size 8.)  (I am a size 14.  not even close.  :)  )

So then I google "see size 14 body" and click on the first site that comes up.  It's 


This site is not dirty at all...they try to keep it very clean.  You can actually input your height and weight and search for submitted pictures of women's bodies that have your same stats.  Crazy!  You know what I found out?  I still mostly see myself as I looked +20 pounds ago.  As I imagine myself going through my life, that is how I think I look.  When I enter my current stats, those women look pretty good to me.  Yes, they are still chubby (some might say fat but I don't like that word or want to "own" it like some women do) but none of them look really big.  (to me!  I realize this is subjective.  A size 12 might seem really fat to some.  That's cool.)  I also checked and saw if I lost 10 pounds, what those bodies looked like.  They look really good to was neat to get a glimpse of what I might look like if I lose 10 more pounds.

It was just all pretty interesting so I thought I'd share it. 

Any thoughts?  Anyone else ever experience this?



  1. I do look at other peoples bodies and wonder if they are the same weight or size as me. I have this thing right now that I am going to weigh less than my uncle T.J. I feel like i should be less than the men in my life. He is the smallest of all of my uncles, meaning that he weighs the least and he is a bit taller than me. So it probably is a good goal. I already weigh less than my dad, uncle Pat and am working my way to my uncle Paul. For a while I wanted to weigh what it says on my driver's license. I do look at others, though and try not to be too hard on myself.

  2. I hear you Stephanie! Weight and size is so personal. A few running bloggers I follow have posted their weight on their blogs and I have been surprised when they weigh the same as or more than me but in my mind they look more fit. I definitely go between thinking I look pretty good and then that I am bigger than I want. I have also found over losing 25 lbs that the lower I go, the less I look like what I thought I would at that weight. I currently weigh what my first driver's license says, but I guarantee you my body is totally different. Stronger in some places but, well, floppier in others. Overall not at all what a 16 yo looks like!
    And size is so weird, too. I zipped up a size 6 skirt at Banana the other day but it fit the same as a 10 I got at Target.

  3. Oh dear. I should not have looked at that while 968 months pregnant. LOL

    However, it is quite an interesting website, huh?

  4. Thanks for this post. I too think about this. I think overall I am comfortable with my body. I would like to be healthier and weigh less. I do think I look a certain way and then I see a picture of myself and it's like a slap in the face. Really my arms are that big? LOL Oh I should really get rid of that top.

  5. cool website. Here's what I think...I can be sitting on the couch feeling pretty sloppy and having negative thoughts about my body, and if i got up and went for a run (its been awhile) I will come back feeling much better about the EXACT same body. I wish i would remember that more often. Also, I weigh the same as i did before i had Elijah, but NOTHING is the same, not even my hair. :) Why didn't you tell me this would happen??? HAHAHA xoxo seester

  6. Loved this post. We watched the show you are speaking about and we (Chris and I) both commented at the time about how free and comfortable the actress is with her body. And really, why shouldn't she be? I do the comparison thing all the time. I find that I do it for different reasons as I've gained weight. Can't wait to check out this website:)


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