I am home today with a very sick Nicky draped across my lap.  We've been up since 3:30am.  Well, I fell asleep for 15 minutes or so at around 8:00.  I thought he was sleeping  too but he got up and found himself a snack.  Resourcefulness is a good quality, no?  Anyways.  He might sleep now, with his head on my lap and covered with the quilt that Zoe and Kari made him.  Sweet.  (He better sleep tonight.  How did I manage his first 20 mos.?!)
Ruby said she didn't want knee socks but she is pulling the crew version I bought her about up to her knees.  Her auntie annie sent her a package of newborn clothes and diapers yesterday and she was so happy.  She kept smelling them because they smelled like annie and jacob.  Awwwww.
I cannot even believe that my sister and her family are going to be living somewhere nearby by Halloween.  It is crazy!!!!  We will be able to: have dinner together/take kids places/celebrate holidays/thrift/double date/go to church/watch each other's kids/help each other/exercise/have coffee/super annoy our husbands.  It is going to be SO AWESOME.  I still can't believe it.  so awesome.

I started this post on my phone and am finishing it on the computer.  I laid Nicky down in his crib and know I should try to sleep but I just finished coffee so that was bad timing.  I do have a couple ebay sales to package up (yay!) and one non-paying bidder that I need to harass.  (boo.) 

The kids sale went great.  At first I was bummed because when I got there to pick up my stuff that didn't sell, it seemed like a ton!  But, I brought a TON and once I sorted it out I saw that it was a lot of lower priced items that people just must not have wanted or maybe I had them priced too high with all the competition?!  I need to leave that stuff at the thrift store.  Target, Kohls, even Old Navy...when there are tons of name brands available that stuff isn't going to go.  Since it is all ready tagged and on hangers, I will probably mark it all down a little and send it next fall.  Might as well.  The good news is that nearly ALL of my higher priced items sold!  Woohoo!  A lot of them might have sold on half price day, we shall see.  :)  I do believe I am going to make my goal of being able to pay for our Christmas purchases this year, though.  Yay!!!

I had a couple of pictures attached but they got lost somewhere so I will add another batch of our vacation photos.  That vacation seems like it was about 100 years ago.  :)

First, why do kids do belly flops?
 Nicky and Ryan, my cousin's husband:
 coffee date with Ruby (we had matching barrettes on, even):
 vista fleet cruise:
 James asked the guide 1,000,000 questions and I was initially worried that he was being very annoying.  He was super polite, though, and listened to all of the guide's answers and the people around said they were enjoying hearing them, too.  So I let him and then let myself feel proud of him.
 Ruby got a little bored:
 Patrick held a sleeping Nicky for a lot of the trip but did join us up on the top deck for a while, too:

 Ruby, waiting in line for the zip line at Spirit Mountain.  I went to relieve Patrick from sleeping Nicky duty so I didn't go on the zip line but the Timber Twister was awesome!!!  Everyone loved it but I did scream the whole way.  :)
 One of our favorite things were the fires we had on Park Point.  The first night we didn't tell the kids, just stopped and bought a lighter and headed to the beach.  We found tons of driftwood and had a nice fire going in no time.  No marshmallows, no toys (just a plastic mcdonald's cup that ruby found), no nothing...just us and the moon and the fire and the water.  awesome.  The second fire, picture below, was different but just as perfect.  We went with my mom and brought everything along for a weenie & marshmallow roast.  We also had a kite and blankets and a chair and toys and towels and and and...It was a lot to carry back but so much fun.

p.s.  Nicky is miserable.  :(  Poor buddy.  No fever but he can hardly breathe, it seems like.  Any advice?  I did call the dr.


  1. Lovely photos. As for little Nicky all I got is give him lots of love and hope it passes fast. Good luck.


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