memories, all alone in the moonlight

Saturday we went to a picnic with Patrick's co-workers. They had a woman there putting on glitter tattoos and doing face paint. We were DECKED OUT by the time we left. :)
James, who swears he never naps, passed out on the way home from church.  Two sleepovers two nights in a row will do that to you.  :)
Nicky didn't have any sleepovers but passed out nonetheless.
Ruby took this picture.  She colored him at Church.
Ruby and her babies she dressed up in Elijah's baby clothes:
Ruby and her new socks.  :)  I love cute socks so this makes me really happy!
Poor sick Nicky:
James and Nicky doing homework last night:

I got the kids each a Rubbermaid Sandwich Blox Kit at Target...they were about $10.50 each.  They love them and I am loving them, too.  It does make packing their lunches, which can get very old, a little more fun.
They come with an ice pack and fit perfectly in the flat lunch boxes they picked this year.  (they would fit in a stand up one, too.)
Ruby has been waiting impatiently for a chilly day to wear this long sleeved Gap shirt that I thrifted for her.  She finally got one today and was sooooo excited! 
Nicky continues to feel better:
A lot better.


  1. I got those lunch box thingies also and I LOVE them. It does seem to make making lunch more fun:)

  2. I love the photo's honey....thanks. xxx ma/gramma


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