morning briefing

Nicky is awake but in his room for a time out after smacking my back as I was bent over inspecting the leaking kitchen sink.  Apparently I wasn't making his eggs fast enough?!  So yeah, he is feeling better today.  And slept 11.5 hours.  Praise God.  He just has a chest cold (thanks for the diagnosis, nurse seester) just seemed so bad for a while yesterday I was getting worried.  Shortly after posting he had a burst of energy, though, so I knew he would live at that point.  We haven't been sick for a while so I forgot how it is.  (oh, joy!)

Our kitchen sink is leaking badly and I just noticed after Patrick left.  I thought I should go buy a new faucet today, since it will be out anyways, and then imagined a new kitchen sink, too.  For the sink I want I would definitely need a new countertop and it couldn't be that much, could it?  :)  Is that how home renovations lose control?  I think so.  It's that easy...a leaky faucet.

I went to bed early last night, at 9pm.  It was delicious.  I tried to take the kids to McDonald's after school so Nicky could sleep on the way and I could have a sinful iced coffee.  Of course we had to ABORT the drive through because my patience was short and their whining and indecision was L O N G so I didn't get my iced coffee but Nicky did fall asleep.

I could have made an iced coffee at home yesterday but my creamer was yucky.  My mom had told me (and my seester) that she freezes her half and half ALL THE TIME and it is JUST FINE when it thaws out.  Well, I call bullshit, Mom.  (hahahhaha!)  I froze a nearly new bottle before vacation and when it unthawed, even after being shaken, it has these little clumps in it when you pour it into coffee.  It is not spoiled, but clotted, which is somehow worse.  It made me sick all week, but I used it, until yesterday.  Then I was telling my sister this story and she said she had just gone through the SAME EXACT THING, based on mom's advice.  Sorry, Mom.  This tip is getting crossed off of our list of "helpful things mom has taught us." 

(but we still love you!)  (and know kleenex are a great back up if you run out of TP!)

I suppose I should get Nicky now.  HA! 



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