photographic evidence

I didn't take any pictures during our little, shall we say, upset but here are some pics from the rest of this weekend. (and a couple extra!)

We have a new bridge in town and it is lovely.
So is our berm. 
Nicky's pants kept falling down.  It was pretty cute.  :)
These were on Sunday at Schuster's Farm.

And then on Monday, at the doctor.  I really, really love this picture.  See Nicky saying "ahhhh"?  :)  love.
And then on the way home something flew out of the garbage truck in front of me and cracked our windshield.  See it?  It is a big circular crack...about 4" in diameter.  sigh.  Now I have to try and get the garbage company to cover the $270 repair.  :(
It was so loud when it a giant balloon popped in the van.  Scared the crap out of all of us.  :)



  1. These pictures are WONDERFUL....thanks so much for putting them all up. I love you guys xxx mamma/gramma

  2. What a fun weekend. Great fall activities. Doncha love this weather? I love how honest you were about your family meltdown. Those happen often around here (in all sorts of sizes) and I am relieved to hear it happens for others too. Thanks for sharing.


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