If I had to describe our weekend in one word it would be that, restorative.  Of course, this is a blog so I can use many, many words and no one can stop me.



Boy, I needed that weekend.  We started it out by sitting on the couch Friday night with homemade pizza and the Survivor premiere.  Friday night I slept through the night.  (so nice.  the previous 3 nights were filled with kid wake ups and it was getting to me.)  Saturday was some telephone time and ebay work for me in the morning and then a long walk (we were gone for 3 hours) with the family in the afternoon.  Saturday afternoon some of us napped (nicky and patrick) and some of us worked in the basement (stephanie) and some of us played outside (the other two).  That evening we headed out to do all of my errands as a family.  ?!  I have no idea why but Patrick wanted to come along and it was nice.  I had to stop at Target, return some things at WalMart, and return some things at Kohl's.  We didn't get home until after 9pm, which is late for our kids.  It was strange but fun.  On Sunday we had a lazy morning followed by a boy scout popcorn sales meeting at noon followed by a trip to a pumpkin patch.  Our little family imploded at the end of that trip but we were back on track a short while later once we ate.  haha.  It was so funny.

Picture the idyllic fall day.  Sun shining, slight breeze, surrounded by corn stalks, plump pumpkins and laughing kids.  We had just returned from a hay ride and all of a sudden it hit...we were HUNGRY.  James made a plan with some friends (to go in an hour and a half long corn maze) without talking to us first and when we told him it was a no go, he got very upset.  We came up with a compromise and he jumped up and down in the parking lot, screaming.  Clearly, he was hungry as well.  Then, as we peeled out of the parking lot, I verbally attacked Patrick because I was well, HUNGRY, and angry that our idyllic day had come to such an abrupt halt and wanted to blame him.  He replied by telling me to "just shut my mouth" which for Patrick is akin to him slapping me across the face.  I let that sit for a minute and then apologized because he was dead right and I was wrong.  Then I started laughing and could barely stop.  Meanwhile, James was in the back alternately crying and hollering and Ruby and Nicky were looking around, slightly bewildered.  When we got to Noodles, James climbed up to me and said, "Can we just pretend that didn't happen?"  HAHAHAHAHA!  I said yes but his father would probably like an apology.  Patrick gave me the cold shoulder (lovingly, which is hard to describe if you don't know him and I realize does sound kind of messed up and unhealthy, but it's not.  or maybe it is and I have just come to accept it as normal.  hahahahhahaa) for just a while longer, about until the food arrived.  We ate like never before and returned to the van as a happy family once again. 

Don't you just love families?  It can be so hilarious, can't it?  :)  heehee.  still makes me laugh.

Anyways, a very good weekend.  Yesterday I took Ruby for her well child check (only 4 months late) and James conveniently had a sore throat so he came along to get checked.  Since James would be home I saw no point in paying for Nicky to go to daycare so I kept him home, too.  James was negative for strep and Ruby looked good on everything.  (and we all got our flu shots!!)  It was actually kind of a fun time but don't tell anyone I ever said that.  After we dropped Ruby off, we played outside, had lunch and Nicky took his nap.  I got about 10 listings done and was happy about that.  James alternated between moaning about his sore throat and wanting to play outside.  When Patrick got home I left for a school board meeting and when I got home from that at 9:10, he had a fire going out on the patio.  It was soooooo nice.  He had started it to burn some brush and kept it going because he knew I would like it.  awwwww.  I made us hot chocolate and he got the blankets and we sat out there until almost 10:00.  It was perfect.

While sitting out there, I told him that my sister GOT A JOB!!!  She got an awesome job, in MADISON, and starts on NOVEMBER 6th.  How strange is it that my sister has to be to work in MADISON, not Massachusetts, on November 6th???  Super strange and super awesome.  That was just the best news yesterday and totally made my day.  So proud of her and happy for them.  What a tremendous blessing!!!  Yay, seester!!!

I want to quickly add a few kid notes:

Nicky is currently all about the pockets.  He wants to be wearing clothes (preferably both shirts and pants) with pockets ALL OF THE TIME.  Even to bed.  He keeps hot wheel cars in them.  The other night there was a horrible racket when I started the dryer and you guessed it...his little pants had a hot wheel in each pocket.  :)

Ruby yesterday:  "Okay, who wants to juggle creepy doll heads??"  (Nicky replied, "I do!")

Ruby, while pooping in Duluth, trying to describe how good it felt: "It's like a UNICORN and a LOLLIPOP coming together to make a RAINBOW."  (or some version very close to that.  I knew I had to write it down or I would forget it.  Patrick particularly loves this story and will sometimes say, "It's like a unicorn..." when something really good happens.)  (I just checked in with my brother to verify how this went exactly.  will update if needed.)

Ihope you have a great day!!!  (pictures later)



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