sit on, sitters!

First of all, thanks for the comments on that last post.  I think every one of you said something true and something I've felt before.  You should check them out if you haven't.  (and that includes Sarah who is super pregnant and should not have checked at all.  :)  )

I exercised yesterday for the first time in a looooong time.  (this was before I watched that show and before I wrote that post.)  Can I tell you how sore my butt is today???  Oh man.  So sore.  Feels good, though!! 

And now I will tell you about some food!  :)  I made this for dinner last night and it was delicious! 

I cut the cheese amount in half and it was plenty.  I also used a whole wheat refrigerated pizza crust and just spread it out, putting the filling down the middle (there was some left over that we ate plain) and then folding it closed like a stromboli.  I love roasted veggies but have never (really?  never?) roasted broccoli.  It was sooooo good.  We loved this and I'll definitely make it again.  That filling would also be good tossed with pasta or cooked quinoa, I think.

Yesterday we saw the allergist (sat there for 2 long hours) and they told me to give James more baked egg so I made these.  They are very good but slightly crumbly.  I like them because they are very oat-y.  The oat is the star, not just an add on.  They said he is definitely outgrowing dairy (yes, that makes sense as he eats a slice of cheese on his sandwiches daily.)  and that I should encourage him to eat even more servings of it "raw."   I barely baked all summer so it's time to ramp up the egg intake as well.  It is hard to find 2 egg recipes (he did do fine with a 2 egg cake this summer) so I might try a 3 egg recipe this weekend.  This favorite pumpkin bread has 4 eggs in 2 loaves...that might be a contender as well.  I remember making that pumpkin bread NINE years ago this fall while I was pregnant with James.  That recipe kind of "is" to me.  It's been there for soooooo long.


Hi!  I wrote all of that yesterday but never got it posted.  How are you?  I am so happy because I get to stay home alllllll day for the first time this week.  Well, that's a lie.  I was home working all day on Monday but that is not the same.  I am kind of strict with myself on those "work" days.  I have to be!  So while I do eat lunch, I do not browse around blogs or pinterest or chat on the phone (very much). 

Work is going well!  It is kind of odd to bring Nicky to the babysitter two days a week but he doesn't seem to mind at all.  I really appreciate that time here to get stuff listed and photographed without having to neglect him all day.  On Fridays I get to shop all day (except every other Friday when I volunteer in James' class) which is still very fun for me.  I do love my job.  :)  I am serious about making some money again, though, so I have to be serious that those are work days for me.  People seem to not take it quite as seriously as a "real" job so I really have to try and stay strong in that.  "No, I'm sorry I can't...I work that day."  :)  fun.

My butt is still really sore.  Patrick is proud of me.  He thinks the world of squats (the source of my pain...I hate them with a firey passion) and does them himself holding 180lbs on a barbell!!!  What?!?  My husband is super strong now.  Rawr!

Today I need to brush up on Girl Scout Cookie knowledge as I am presenting it to our Daisy Scout parents tonight at 6:30.  I'm Wendy's helper or co-leader or whatever but she is mainly in charge.  I told her I would take on cookies, though, as she does them for her older daughter's troop already.  I remember selling so many cookies when I was a girl scout.  My Dad brought the form to work and I remember it coming back SO FULL.  It was great!  :)

I just wrote a long paragraph about how much is going on right now and deleted it after I realized how PTO MOM it sounded.  hahaha!  I am over myself and my writing now and just need some coffee.  :)  Let the couch sitting commence!



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