I've been selling on ebay again for about 3 weeks and have been doing pretty well, I think.  I was nervous that no one would buy anything so I'm very thankful that they have.  :)  Here are some of my sales:

I accepted an offer of $20 for this One World sweater (size L) and then the lady didn't pay!  I waited 4 days and filed a non-paying bidder claim.  I waited 3 more days and on the 4th day, when I would get my fees back and she would get a ding against her, she paid.  Silly woman.  No communication from her at all...kind of a bummer when you have to deal with that.

 The day I listed this New With Tags shirt from Maurices (XL) I was like, what was I thinking??  No one is going to buy this.  It sold that same day for $22.99.  :)  People like NWT stuff.
 This NWT shirt/jacket from Coldwater Creek (1X) sold for $30. 
 I couldn't believe when I found this gorgeous Prana sweater (size M) for $1.00 last summer.  I happily accepted an offer of $50 for it.
 I didn't know if ugly Christmas sweaters would be big again this year.  This one (M) sold quickly for $24.99.
 My mom got this wool Talbots skirt (size 12) for me to sell for free!  I sold it for $35.00 minus shipping costs.  (about $3)
 This mini Starbucks tumbler sold almost immediately for $20.  Like, within minutes of listing it.  Should have asked for more!!!  :)  Just kidding.  I like when stuff sells quickly!  I like getting P A I D.  cha ching!
 This Talbots sweater (3X) also sold within a day or two for $30.  I had "or Best Offer" on the listing and she just paid full price.  I almost felt bad for her.  But not that is a nice sweater and perfect for Halloween!
A woman in Sweden also ignored my "Best Offer" offer and paid me $30 for this Lands End shirt (3X).  To her I say, "Tack!"  (thank you!)  :)

I also received about 6 or 7 offers on items that were too low so I countered and they didn't bite.  I do wonder if I should have taken them, money in my pocket!, but the items in question are nice so I think they will sell.  MY BAD if they don't!



  1. Okay, I am always in awe of how much you sell things for on ebay! $20 for a Sbux tumbler?! Crazy! SO happy for you that you have been so successful selling this stuff.

  2. Good job


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