the return

I'm ba-ack!  :)

Sorry about that.  We went up to Duluth for 10 days and I didn't think it was the best idea to announce that beforehand.  You know.  Just in case anyone tried to break in and steal our piles of crap.  ;)

We got back at midnight on Sunday night and the kids started school yesterday.  Their first day went great and everyone seemed happy.  Ruby said her new shoes are a little tight but I think she just needs to get used to wearing socks again.

Our vacation was super awesome.  Both Patrick and I felt we could have stayed a few more days.  How often does that happen on a vacation with 3 kids?!  I guess a lot of things are getting easier as Nicky gets just never occurred to me that vacation would, too.  Nice.  Thanks Nick.

Part of the awesomeness was the weather, part of it was the lake, most of it was my family and friends.  I can tell I am getting older/sappier.  I felt so happy all week and so happy to see all my favorite places and kept thinking it was because it is all so beautiful, and it is, but what takes that beauty over the top, for me anyways, is that I also feel surrounded by love there.  All these people that I love so much are there, or came there, and it just felt extra good to me this year.  I felt SO thankful to be back home.  I needed that so much.  It was just perfect.  I really do have the best family.  And they live by the best Great Lake.  :)  (I also have awesome friends back home but didn't get to see them as much as I'd like.  Our one coffee visit was great, though!  :)  )  I feel grateful to belong there as well as belonging here, at my current home.

I have a ton of pictures so I will just post them a handful at a time, so as not to overwhelm you.

Here is Patrick and Nicky.  It was Nicky's first time on a school bus and he was not sure what to think.  :)

Emmi:  One of her neighbors is teaching her to do "pageant smile".  hahahahaaa.  She is so flipping cute.
 A bunch of the cousins:  (2nd cousins, actually, but who's counting?)
 James, hard at work on a fort:
 Caleb, also hard at work:

 Cousin Jessica and Sammy at Amazing Grace:
 Those back booths are filled with our kids and this little beauty in the high chair is ours, too.  Miss Eden is going to be a big sister!!  :) 
 This is Audri on her 4th birthday:
 And Ivy:

happy sigh.  :)


Oh, and also, MY KIDS ARE BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Your vacation sounds wonderful! I hope you know how lucky you are to have family like that. I spent most of mine thinking exactly the opposite of what you did.
    Your pictures are wonderful, the kids all look so happy!


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