filling my bucket

I am home working today, taking pictures of stuff to list, and 3 of the items of clothing have problems with them that I missed at the store.  Frustrating!  I try to be so careful but it is easy to miss little things...especially in areas that I don't always check.  (like the bottom of the back of a shirt??  wth were you doing, lady??  :)  )  So, like any good worker, I took a break!  I feel like throwing in the towel and going shopping but that doesn't pay the bills and it has been a slow week this week so far.  (like, 3 sales slow.  poop!) 

How are you? 

I am good.  Nicky was home with me yesterday (and is gone today instead) so we decorated for Halloween.  I was very excited to do so and the kids were so excited when they got home!  At bedtime Ruby said to me, "Mom, I really love when you make our house look so cute and make muffins for us."  Awwww.  They talk all the time at school about filling each other's buckets with kind words & actions and I really appreciated her filling my bucket.  James was also extra sweet & cuddly after school...I think it just made them both so happy.  :)  Love.

The muffins I made were these and they went so fast that I made another batch last night and those are gone, too.  !!!  They had them for a bedtime snack and breakfast and then each wanted one in their lunch.  :)  My only variation on the recipe was using only 1 cup of sugar and white whole wheat flour instead of all purpose.  They are super easy and so good.  (and James did great with 2 eggs!!)

Aside from getting the decorations out yesterday it felt so good to dust everything and move some stuff around.  I found a pile of frames in the basement and when Nicky went down for his nap I went through our pictures and ordered a bunch of prints.  I might go get them this afternoon.  It will be so nice to have some current pictures up.

We have been having the most beautiful fall.  The trees are amazing.  Wednesday is early release day and I think I'm taking the kids to Picnic Point.  There is a section of woods there where every tree turns the most beautiful yellow and it is just amazing to walk through.  It might happen a little bit later but I don't think it will hurt us to check it out.

I suppose I should get back to work.  Thanks for visiting.  :)  xoxo


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