lovely, lovely, lovely

Our afternoon was wonderful yesterday.  I was so happy to have them all with me.  The only thing that would have made it better is Patrick and I tried to get him to go home "sick" but he couldn't.  :)

Ruby talked me into getting these iced cookies for all of them at Whole Foods.  They contained eggs but I thought James could try them.  I think there must have been egg in the icing because he practically spit it out of his mouth, it tasted so bad to him.  (I love that he has that strong taste bud reaction!)  I was not opposed to eating his cookie, just a little sad that I really paid $3.99 EACH.  (My mom just choked a little.)  They were baked in a nut free bakery and that is why the price was so high.  You have to pay for safety.  (or make it yourself!)
Anyways, Picnic Point was gorgeous as always.  I love it even more since they made it bike free a while back.  You might find a rogue biker or two but it is so nice not to have to worry about the kids getting plowed over.
I let James bring a (kind of dull) pocket knife and that was very exciting for him.  He was very responsible with it.

The trees were not full on yellow yet so we will have to go back soon.

Something new:

My wonky picture wall.  I need to get some more black frames and Patrick said he'd help me straighten it all up.  I have another 5x7 of Patrick and I and would like to add that one and then some of our cousins.  I love it. 
I let James walk home after school and he collected the stuff on the plate below.  Ruby added to it after we got home and then arranged it all on the table as shown.  She loves making our table look pretty.  xoxo
I cannot believe it is already 9:36.  What should we do today???  Be responsible or have fun???  :)

Maybe a little of both.  Hope you have a good one.



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