Here are some of my sales from the past few weeks. The good, the bad and the awesome!

Life is Good fleece, paid $2, sold $35
Petites Talbots Plus Size Skirt, paid $1, sold $22
Liz Lange Dress - my mom got this for me to sell for free.  I put it up for auction and it sold for 8.99.  I had free shipping on it?????  So, I made about $2.50 on this after shipping and fees.  :)  duh.
Vintage Adidas Jacket.  One recently sold for $45.  I sold mine for 9.99.  oh well.
Super cute costume.  Sold for 9.99 MINUS shipping.  What was I thinking the day I listed these??  Oh well.  I paid about .50 for this.
Sigrid Olsen 3X vest, paid $2, sold $25
Liz 3X sweater paid $1, sold $30
J. Crew sherpa hoodie, paid $1.50, sold $23
Lands End 3X blouse, paid $4, sold $22
Men's Arc'teryx Fleece:  paid $1.5, sold $58  (I declined many offers before I finally accepted one for $64.  I paid shipping.  I wanted more initially, these are super expensive, but I also wanted it gone so I was really happy I finally got a decent offer.)  woot!
Darling Clarks, paid $7, sold $40
red clunky danskos with no insole, paid $4, relieved to sell them for $20
cute but small Merrells, paid $4, quick sale for $25  (shoe polish really does WONDERS for shoes.  You should try it!!!)
Wolkys, paid $4, sold $35
Modellista, like Dansko, very well made but relatively unknown, paid $4, happily accepted offer of $25
Darling little Minnetonkas, paid $2, sold $18
Regretted buying these Terrasoles when I saw they were sold at Sam's club.  paid $4, sold almost right away for $18.  hmmmmmm.
cool vintage marker, still in package, paid .30, sold 9.99 to Spain!
Darling Livie & Luca shoes, paid $2, sold $27
Wilton Clara Cow Pan, paid .90, sold $20.50
Ugg Loafers, paid $4, sold $37
Fisher Price Nativity, paid $2.30, almost didn't buy as it was missing a few pieces, sold for $66.  woot!!
I could keep going, I love revisiting sales past, but will stop now.  I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my crazy ebay world.  Just when I think the week is for shit, I'll have a really cool sale.  It makes me crazy sometimes but I love it.

As a final word, I would like to sing this Katy Perry song to ebay:

'Cause you're hot then you're cold  
You're yes then you're no  
You're in then you're out  
 You're up then you're down

You're wrong when it's right 
It's black and it's white  
We fight, we break up  
We kiss, we make up



  1. Wow. Someone bought that vintage Bic Banana market, I never would have thought...

  2. what i appreciate about your blog is that you don't just tell us the awesome sales, you also tell us the reality sales. it's good to get the whole picture! you've done really well - some of those shoes are amazing. do you find that certain sizes sell better than others? or is it all in the brand?

  3. I loved seeing what you paid, what you sold, but my favorite part of this post is the song at the end. That is perfect for ebay!


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