this post is NOT toopid

The days go by so fast, don't they?  This is making me sad this week but I am emotional so I'm taking it with a grain of salt.  Next week I might not even notice.  (but I might.)  :)

So how are you?  Are your days flying by?  Quick updates:

1.  If Ruby (or mama or james or dada) does something bad to Nicky he will say, "BAD Ruby! not TOOPID Ruby, BAD Ruby."  ahhahhaa!  Of course he still calls us stupid (or toopid) sometimes but he knows now that he's not supposed to.  Also, he stopped calling her "ERBU" a while's Ruby now.  How sad.  See?  fast.

2.  I'm partially so emotional because my sister and her family will be living here next week at this time.  In their own apartment, not far from me at all.  Really?  We haven't lived near each other in 17.5 years.  We have built and sustained an incredibly close relationship over the phone and through our vacations and visits.  Now we get to be practically neighbors.  What an incredible blessing.

3.  I love James to death.  He is learning cursive and writing me sweet notes of apology, in cursive, after he gets busted for LYING to me.  About dumb stuff, too.  Brushing his teeth, saying he rinsed something sticky out that he didn't...stuff like that.  Is this a normal phase?  I must google this.  Real life experiences would be better, though.  Do you have any?

3.  I was so torn on Saturday because it was a beautiful day and I couldn't decide to go off by myself or spend it with my family but then I realized that I really didn't want to spend it with my whole family, just Patrick, and we couldn't find a babysitter so off I went.  It was a wonderful day full of very nice things that I really like.  (just minus the husband.)  (but I went home and we took a long walk and held hands and that made me happy.)

4.  We finally got to do a corn maze on Sunday.  It was a short one but it was gorgeous out and it was actually perfect for our kids ages.  After that James had a birthday party and I had a nap and then we went to church.

5.  I had lunch with Susan last Friday and she brought me a pair of earrings that she had made me and they are so cute!  How sweet of her.  She is totally into making jewellery right now and it made me want to make some stuff.  It's good to have creative friends to inspire you.  :)  I ordered some rings on etsy last week that I will blog about soon.  They finally came yesterday and I really like them.  I ordered a cheap ring on ebay last night (for 3.99 with free shipping from Hong Kong...that is cheap!)  They had really good feedback aside from one lady saying her ring looked "cheap."  HAHA!   What does she expect for less than $4 shipped from HONG KONG????  I have large fingers so it has been nearly impossible for me to find a ring at a store that will fit me.  Realizing I could get one on etsy or ebay has been like a whole new world opening up.

6.  I keep thinking that I need to clean out my cupboards and closets and basements because my seester is coming!  Normally when anyone comes for a long visit we try to make everything very nice and clean for them.  And feels good.  But I am telling myself that she will LIVE here now and see my house in it's natural state all the time so I don't need to clean anything.  That is both good and bad.  Who will inspire me to do that deep cleaning now?????  (although I've felt since the summer that my cupboards need cleaning so I need to do it anyways, just not this week.)  I can tell this work crap is definitely eating into my "project" time at home.  You can't have it all, can you?  :)  (I say work crap in jest.  I still love my job.  especially this week.  I will share later.)

7.  Wendy and I ran on Sunday.  It was fun and cold.  Instead of it being 77, like so many mornings last summer, it was 37.  brrrrr.  But yes, I totally warmed up once I started running.  Also, I did not run the whole time...we did walk/run intervals.  Susan loaned me her jogging stroller so I am going to take a test run with Nicky today if it stops raining.

I should go now.  Team Umi Zoomi is over and Nicky is ready for action.



  1. I love reading about your eBay sales. It's fascinating and nothing I would ever know how to do, so I love hearing you strut your stuff, so to say.

    Re lying. No, I don't have a child (yet) who has lied about little things like that, but I certainly have kids who have/had test me in other ways. And I struggle with how to respond. I know it's best to be consistent, but I also live in reality. I try to keep a good sense of humor (for my sanity) and keep good, open communication with the kiddos. It's a phase and he's just testing you. Right?

    I continue to be happy for you/jealous for me about your sister moving so close to you. How wonderful for both of you and all of your kids.


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