warning: super boring post ahead

I've been feeling kind of "off" and very hungry and tired all week.  Last night it hit me...I have a cold!  I thought it was allergies - it's so hard to tell sometimes.  I stayed on the couch for the whole evening, James ordered pizza for dinner, I went to bed early with a small container of ice cream Patrick brought me.  I feel better today.  Not healthy, but better.  Our little friend is here for the morning and I am hoping for a good nap this afternoon.  Nicky has a cold, too, but it's better now.

I feel dull and boring.  I am having another slow ebay week but have been polishing shoes all morning so I hope to get them listed soon and that they sell.  Last week ended up being around $240, which isn't awful, but it isn't that great.  I feel like I have nice stuff listed, and am accepting offers on everything, but who knows?!  Maybe I should drop my prices, skip the offers and see what happens.

I did score an amazing handbag for myself on Monday.  I stopped in Goodwill to return a pair of shoes, which it turns out is not allowed, and spotted a black Lucky Brand purse hanging there, priced at $4.99.  It's a cross body bag and looks like new aside from a 1/2" v-shaped tear on the very bottom of the back of the bag.  I planned on sewing it but ended up using some fabric glue and it turned out great...not even noticeable.  I looked it up when I got home and was shocked to see the original retail price.  What a score! 

I love it.  I didn't have a nice black bag and would NEVER spend $200 on one.  (if you didn't notice...I am kind of cheap.)

I saw Frankenweenie with Ruby last Saturday night and LOVED it.  I had been wanting to go to a movie so it felt good to be at one, all cuddled up eating popcorn, and the movie was so so good.  Kind of creepy but beautiful and sweet, too.  Now I just need to go to one with my husband.  I miss him.

My Dad and Mari came for an overnight on Sunday afternoon.  Our kids lost their minds for the first hour they were here and in turn, I almost lost mine.  They don't usually all act out at the SAME TIME and when they do it is UGLY.  Thankfully, we took a brisk walk and when we got home it was time for dinner.  Dinner turned out well, I cracked open a beer, and we all ate.  Ahhhh.  After dinner Patrick built a fire and we had pumpkin bars and beer out by the fire.  It turned out to be such a good visit but it sure didn't start out that way.  :)  I wish they could have stayed longer but I know I will see them soon with the holidays coming up and my seester arriving and stuff.  My brother is coming down soon and I can't wait to see him.  Hopefully Erin comes, too.

My mom and I are flying out to Mass. at the end of the month to make the drive back with Andrea, Ronan and the boys.  I am really excited to see them and it will be so crazy that we are driving back with them so they can LIVE HERE.  crazy.  

James is a pill about doing his homework.  Anyone else going through this?  I am just trying different things every couple days to find the best outcome.  It seems that snack and then homework in a quiet room, right away, is working best.  A quiet room in this house can be hard to find.  Ruby is having me make up homework for her because she doesn't have any, aside from reading.  She also gets up easily while James resists it.  Thank God they are not both difficult in the same areas.  :)  Trust me, Ruby has hers, but these two areas are not included.

Nicky has had a language burst in the last two weeks.  He is saying everything, using lots of long sentences, and loves to tell me stories now.  He also started saying his first bad word, "toopid!" and it sounds soooooo cute but he is getting consequences for it.  He has excellent manners a lot of the time and I just love when he thanks me for changing his diaper, wiping his nose or giving him a kiss.  He also apologizes when he crawls over me or hurts me.  Love it..."sanks, mum" he will say is his solemn little voice.

Okay, I suddenly ran out of steam.  I hope you are well.



  1. I am so happy (and a bit jealous) that your sister is moving to be close to you. What a gift to you and your children to be nearby.


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