we did it! we survived!

Well, my darling Patrick gets home late tonight and I cannot wait. We all miss him and today I am extraordinarily tired. I need to sleep for a long time. My kids were so good. I was so good. (meaning I didn't scream at them. that is kind of where I set my bar.) I am glad it's nearly over. :)

Some pictures and words.

Nicky loves to lay on the floor and play.  It makes sense to me.  I love him so much even though he is crawling out of his crib and coming into my room every night.  I will deal with this next week when I am not so tired.  
I started a new system for myself at the beginning of the school year and it is now indispensable to me.  I got a normal sized notebook from Target and am dividing every page up into two or four sections with smaller ones for the weekend.  Some days in September felt crazy but having this helped me so much.  I like it with me all of the time and feel a little crazy when I can't find it for a minute.  I went with a standard notebook as the smaller (cute) ones were 7.49 and a standard (cute) one was only 2.49.  Now I love this size.
The picture below was as I was filling stuff in but I do sometimes have pretty blank days and that makes me feel happy. 
I loved this pic of Nicky from the other night so I added it again.
On Sunday morning James got up and made breakfast for us.  He was all business as he prepared coffee, sausage, sunbutter toast, instant oatmeal and fruit salad.  Loved it.  Nicky woke up a while after I took this but we had such a nice quiet time for a while.
It rained all day on Sunday and Nicky had a grossly snotty nose so we just stayed home.  I let the kids use whatever they wanted of my art supplies and they thought that was awesome.  Oh, and Nicky didn't nap at all.  what???????  Here is Ruby making thumbprint creatures for Patrick:
James making a fire pit for his diorama:
I blurred out Ruby's plumber crack.  You're welcome.

James' finished project:
Next they decorated a Halloween cookie house.  (Nicky was in his room pretending to sleep at this point.  At least he did me that courtesy.)  I told them that if they fought I would throw it away and they must have believed me.  They were so polite to each other and were filling buckets left and right.  "That looks so good, Ruby!"  "It's your turn now, James!"  hahahhahahaa
I made a Halloween version of these sugar cookies today for a bake sale tomorrow.  (yes, this was written in my notebook.  happy sigh.)  Thankfully Nicky was here to help me eat the unsightly uneven edges.
I ended up making just over $300 last week thanks to some of these shoes.  I got off of my butt and listed a bunch of them and a few sold right away.  I have more listed now.  There were Danskos, Merrells, Pikolinos, Clarks Artisan, J. Crew, Minnetonka, SAS and Wolkys. 
I actually have a LOT of listings right now...117!  I think that's the most I've ever had.  113 of them are in my store and I started a second seller ID: stephaniekgb as well.  (not sure why now that I think about it.  the free auction listings I get are probably negated by the lack of discount on my final value fees that I get with my Top Seller ID that I've had forever.  That was for any ebay sellers that read this.  :)  )  Either way, I am proud of myself for getting so much work done this past week.  It was good for me, I think.

I found these beautiful Rachael Ray cookware pieces for myself last week.  I paid $12 for all you see here and it is all in like new condition.  It is so nice and we can really use them so it was a happy score!

It seems like there was something else but I cannot remember.  I have to go bag up those bars now before my kids get home or they will want to eat them all!  (I am saving one for each of them.)



  1. ok, i loved this blog honey.....so many fun pictures of the kids and great reading, so thanks. Sunday looked like just a perfect day....I miss you all so much. Only 6 days though! Happy Patrick is home all safe and sound too. Love to you all...mama/gramma


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