boogers, mom!

Hello, you guys!  How the heck are you?

Things are good here.  I will quickly recap the last 12 days.

Just kidding!  :)

Just some highlights:

Patrick and I had a date a couple of weeks ago!  We went for a run together and went to breakfast.  It was so wonderful.  I missed him.  We hadn't really spent any time together, without the kids, since school started.  Is that possible?!  Anyways, I got a bunch of new babysitter recommendations so we are fixing that.  I think we are also trading off with my sister soon...maybe this weekend?  Anyways, it's a very good thing.

Nicky loves Dora now.  Just thought you should know.

Nicky is home sick today.  He was maybe going to go to Sarah's (his babysitter) because he can't on Friday but he was up coughing all night.  I swear.  This child scoops up every little bug that comes his way.  James and Ruby breeze through most of them with an occasional sneeze or cough but Nicky gets every one.  The immune system in action!  I know he won't be like this forever, thankfully.  All of this is making him so strong!  :)  When he is sick like this, he says to me, 100+ times a day, "Boogers, Mom!"  lovely.  I've already requested the night off tonight.  A full day of whining makes me want to pull my hair out.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Andrea and Ronan made a lot of stuff at their house and brought it all to our house to combine with the stuff I made.  We also made 2 turkeys and mine (the one we saved for leftovers) was kind of dry so I was glad that Andrea's was moist.  I was happiest that 2 of the 3 pies that I made were quite good.  I had never made homemade pumpkin or blueberry so I was nervous.  And James ate the pumpkin pie (with eggs) topped with real whipped cream!  Wow.  That was really neat to see.  sniff.  Andrea, Mari and I shopped for a while on Thanksgiving night, just at Target, and that was fun but crazy.  I didn't really have anything I wanted but did want to go and ended up with some cute stuff for the kids.

On Friday, we did nothing.  Well, I read an entire book and ate a lot of pie, but nothing outside the house. The book was Wild.  Loved it.  (Figuring out how to fit a long hike into my life.  I wouldn't want to go solo, though.  And not quite that long.)  We also watched the old Willy Wonka and I slept through the middle.  (The beginning is my absolute favorite.)

On Saturday we woke with a burning desire to get! out! so we did our usual family stuff...park, library, noodles, etc.  Sunday was church and a birthday party (aka germ cities for Nicky) and showers and then back to reality on Monday.

I have done lots of shopping in the last week or two, mostly online, and that's been fun.  I don't think I ever updated with how I did at the Half Pint resale, did I?  I did awesome!  :)  I made enough $$ to pay for all of our Christmas gifts this year!  That felt so good.  We might end up spending a little extra (can you say Kitchen Aid mixer??  I might finally be ready...) but for the most part, it's all taken care of.  It feels good to provide for my family.  A little.  :)

Ebay has been slow but I have been slow at doing it.  I've had sales here and there, some good ones, but it's been slow.  My store is only at 59 items.  My bad.  I'd really like to get it up to 100 again.  That really seemed to make a difference though I think consistent listing makes even more of a difference.  I took a bunch of pictures yesterday and hope to get some more listings done today.

I found a bag of M.U.S.C.L.E Men a while ago and kind of fell in love with them after I saw the pictures I took of them.  They are so colorful!  I bet that's why all the boys liked them in the 80s.  :)



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