bring it on, Christmas

Good morning! It's strange being home on a Friday. Nicky's sitter needed a day off so he was there on Wednesday instead this week and we are home today.  I kind of like it.

Andrea and Ronan came for dinner last night and that was nice.  I hadn't seen them in a WEEK.  Crazy.  :)  We had lots to talk about (Christmas) and, while it's hard to actually have a conversation with 5 kids, we managed to do so.  (the wine helped.)

I bought a truckload of mini trees last year at Home Depot (at 75% off, natch) in order to make some of those mason jar snow globes like I saw all over.  I pulled them out the other day and Ruby freaked out a little.  She loves them.  They inspired a flurry of holiday activities in Rubyville, as seen below.  Last night she made stockings for all of her LaLaLucy (as she calls them) dolls and hung them up in her doll house.  xoxo
Here is her list.  I love how it's pretty simple...notebook, stickers, markers, coloring book...and an iPad.  HAHAHA. 
Yesterday Nicky and I had to do a TON of errands and one of them led us to ToysRUs.  He was in heaven.  We were considering getting him one of these things (probably off of Craigslist) before Heidi found me THE SCORE.  Maybe for his birthday?  He sure loves them and is eerily good at driving, too.  (Nicky just came over and saw this.  He shrieked, "DAT'S ME!!  Driving in FAST car!!  Me YOVE dat.")
Today I am doing the big job of taking down our fall stuff...
and getting out the Christmas stuff. 
It almost feels too much for me but I know I will enjoy it when it's all up.  I don't have a tree, we'll do that later, but I'm going to try to get the rest up before the kids get home.  As soon as Nicky is done watching Dora I'm going to put on some Christmas music.  I think that will help get me in the mood.  Maybe light my favorite candle.  Music and candles can get you in the mood for a number of different occasions, eh?  ;)

Today is the last day of November in case you forgot.  I told Andrea I was going to have to pull an all-nighter to get all of my Christmas business finished up before tomorrow and she reminded me that my "all-nighters" end at 11:00.  :)  So I will now call them "all-11ers."  But anyways, I am not really close to being finished this year but have gotten so much done.  I need to get about 6 more gifts, wrap about half of our gifts, mail some of those gifts and send our cards.  Not too bad, really.  I will probably bake some treats for our neighbors but that isn't until later, anyways.  I've enjoyed what I've done so far and am not stressed out about anything...that feels good.  Hope I can hang onto it.

I better get this Christmas ball ornament rolling.



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