dude. no energy.

Yesterday Patrick revealed to me that there was an extra van key hidden away and my appt. time was still available and my sister could watch Nicky so I did have my mammogram.  They said to not be surprised if I get called back for more pictures as this is my first one.  I haven't heard anything yet...kind of waiting to.

Yesterday I was all energetic and busy and get-er-done.  Today, not so much.  I can't find the energy to do anything.  I collected cookie money last night for 2 hours and had a few people not show up so I have to set up times with them individually to do it another night.  And then collect from all of them again in December.  I might change my mind but I am thinking this one year of Girl Scout helping might be plenty for me.  :)

Nicky is also tired today.  Yawning and walking slowly through the house.  Perhaps it is something in the air??

I could go on but I will spare you.  Instead, here are a couple photos from Halloween:

And one I took of myself in my sister and Ronan's old attic.  Lots of good stuff up there.  :)  I am so glad I got to go help them with the move. 

Have a good day.  Stay awake!  Vote!  :)



  1. I had my first mammogram Oct 8. It wasn't too bad but it did encourage me to stop breast feeding Ryker. (It was more embarrassing than painful


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