hello, dear ones

I last blogged a week ago today, stating that I had no energy.  That continued for most of the week, I'm sad to say.  Oh, I had some energy but I knew I had to spend my most energetic time of the day (morning) doing responsible things and not blogging or dinking around on the internets like I like to.  How boring!  Thankfully I am feeling much more like myself this week.  :)

I was down about a lot of stuff last week (pms, time change, plumb tuckered out) and one of the things on my mind was Christmas!  Last year I made November my new December and it worked out so well.  This year?  Not so much.  It's nearly mid-November and all I've done is bought a shit ton of stocking stuffers.  :)  (my kids are going to have the best stockings ever this year!)  I am not making any gifts this year (like vanilla extract), I am not going to try and get the perfect Christmas card photo...just using singles from the archives.  I am keeping it simple and hoping for the best.  I still might get a lot done in these next two weeks.  I kind of have the urge to wrap today.  We will see. 

I also have the urge to list some ebay stuff.  Remember when my store had so many items a while back?  Yeah, now I'm down to 40.  40!!  That is so low and what two weeks of not working (listing) will do to you.  I did list 12 new items yesterday and took a ton of pics so I'd like to get 5 more done today.

How about a list?

1.  package and ship yesterday's sales
2.  wrap stocking stuffers
3.  walk with nicky
4.  dinner
5.  deliver popcorn
6.  5 new listings
7.  vacuum
8.  make cupcakes for James' stash at school
9.  fold truckloads of laundry

yikes.  Not so sure about all of that.  I'll let you know.  :)

In exciting news, my Dad and Mari are coming for Thanksgiving!  Yay!  Andrea is coming over tomorrow so we can plan our meal.  How fun!!  We are also kicking around the idea of going out shopping Thanksgiving evening for a while.  I saw DS games are B1G1 at Toys R Us and they are on my list.  It feels kind of wrong to shop on Thanksgiving but it also sounds kind of fun.  And my sister works on Friday so we could get a little shopping time in together, which would be awesome.

Alright, time to go be productive for a while.  I know my blog has been particularly boring for a while.  Thanks for stopping by anyways.  :)  xooxoxoxo


  1. what is your ebay store? how can i find it


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