it's true! and lots of stuff I've bought

Kale chips really are delicious!  I've been hearing (reading) about them forever and finally tried them last night and they really were so good.  I made them with this cauliflower soup and we ate some plain and sprinkled some on the soup.  They got soft in the soup but added delicious flavor.  I didn't have sharp cheddar, or quite enough of what I had, so the soup wasn't very cheesy but it was still tasty.  Patrick added chicken to his when he got home and loved it.  Andrea and Ronan ate with us and I do wish I would have doubled the recipe.  Next time!

Nicky keeps playing the music on Ruby's Squinkie Ferris Wheel and dancing to it.  I would go mad if he weren't so cute.  (Did I tell you yet that he counts 1-2-3-K-O ?  love.)

I got everything on that list done the other day except for making cupcakes.  And I didn't get the 5 listings done until last night, and it was really only 4, so take that as you will.  :)  I am feeling pretty good this week with strong urges to go running.  I might finally get to take Nicky out today in the jogger Susan graciously loaned us. 

I have to tell you about a couple bunch of cute things that I've purchased lately.  The first, more beautiful than cute, is this set of silver and gold stacking rings from The Fork Whisperer on etsy.

She can make them in any size you want and they are really pretty.  I love them.  Also, if you buy them and blog/facebook/tweet about them, like I am doing, she will send you a coupon code for 20% off.  (I would have blogged about these anyways so that is really nice.)

The second item I got on ebay.  I have a few longer belted cardigans but discovered that the thick knit belt is not a good look for me.  I cut the little belt tabs off, no biggie, but it kind of bugged me that they hung open when I was chilly.  One day I remembered those huge safety pins everyone wore in the 80s and started searching on etsy and ebay.  I saw some selling for lots of money (designer or sterling) but also found some for $4.20 with free shipping!  :)  That is more my speed.  If you search "kilt pin" you will find lots of options but these are what I got.

They are also going to be wicked cute on my scarves.  :)

Before I found the kilt pins, I came across something called "vintage locker pins" on etsy and kind of fell in love.  Now, a lot of these are big and made of thick metal...they would ruin all but the chunkiest knit sweater.  I had to have one, though, and purchased this one from Gracie's Cottage.  The shop owner is in Wisconsin and it came really quick.  (she has more!)  It is the perfect key chain!

Before I go on, I need to let you know that I did not buy all of this this week or anything.  Maybe over the last month or two.  :)  (It is kind of crazy, though, how much amazing stuff I find thrifting.  Stuff for us that we really need, stuff that makes our home look pretty, stuff for friends and family, stuff for others in need, stuff that provides extra income for us, gifts for my's truly amazing how much God blesses us through the thrift stores.  :) )

Okay.  So, I also got these two metal flowers and the brown lamp shade.  Total cost?  $6.60.  It really warmed up that corner and the finish on the flowers is really glossy and pretty AND the colors match our large painting that hangs to the left of the blue one.

And I just realized how late it was getting!  I need to get some stuff done.  One final picture of a little (10") wooden owl I thrifted for .60 and painted my favorite color green:

Happy Thursday!  Can you believe it is Thursday??

Also, thanks to those that mammogram came back A-OK.  No additional pictures needed.

Also, you can find my ebay store, sugar river resale, here.  :)



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