First off, some duds.  I bought this mug thinking it was a Far Side mug.  It's not.  sigh.
Others rave about how well plush sells for them.  I bought this Gund Lands End bear for 1.99.  I still have him.  Anyone interested?  :)
Also, lovies.  I always read how lovies sell, sell, sell.  ahem.  I suppose it's okay...I've become quite fond of the little guy.  (He's so soft...)
There are always some duds.  I kind of hate them and am so happy when one finally sells.  (it's been known to happen, albeit rarely.)

So, onto some of my November sales.  My "sold" number will be what I made after shipping as I had "free" shipping on lots of these.

Geiger sweater, 3X, pd 2, sold 30.  (hoping for more but whatevs)
Marmot jacket, pd 2, sold 20  (same as above...this was such a nice jacket)
Pikolinos, pd 4, sold 41
nwt (new with tags) kleen kanteen, pd 1, sold 16
creative memories punch, pd 3, sold 20
little wooden gnomes, pd 3, sold 22
vintage woodstock ornament, pd 1, sold 21
sparkly converse, pd 3, sold 20
boys keen, pd 2, sold 22
converse high tops, pd 4, sold 24
3x coldwater creek sweatshirt, pd 3, sold 30
Anthro sweater, pd 2, sold 40
vintage Guess shirt, pd .50, sold 35  (not. kidding.  it was the neon, I think.)
butt ugly Christmas sweater, pd 1.5, sold 40
life is good necklace, pd 1, sold 14
made in sweden candelabra (kind of loved this) pd 2, sold 30
Are you sick of this or should I do some more??  It's actually making me feel better about my sales this month.  :)

Ugg clogs, pd 4, sold 40

 remember those m.u.s.c.l.e. men from yesterday?  I listed them this afternoon and they sold within an hour for 54.99.  I paid 3.  woot!  (see also: did I price too low?  don't sweat it, sistah!)
 prana shirt, pd 1, sold 20  (I had sold one for 30 a week or so before.  wth?)  :)
 awesome j. crew shirt, had it forever, pd 1, sold 10.  TEN BUCKS.  Dude got a deal.
 womens keens, pd 4, sold 35
 coldwater jacket, free from my mama, sold 25  (thanks, mama!)
Okay, there were some more good sales and some more duds but I am out of steam/time.  I hope you enjoyed this edition of sold!



  1. oh my gosh did have a pretty good month after all, hmmmm?
    As for the duds, as your seester would say "that will happen" :)
    I don't know about anyone else, but I really enjoy seeing the little summaries of your purchases/sales
    Good job lets see if the Christmas cards sell......ha ha ha I'm not holding my breath, but thanks for listing them.

    Love, your mama


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