I don't even know where to start!  First off, how are you??  I hope all is well.  I know there are some icky bugs going around right now and I am just waiting for them to hit us.  blech.  Hope you're all in the clear!

Well, my sister lives here now!!  And her husband and kids, of course.  They are just 19 minutes away and we've seen them every day, I think, since I flew out there 10 days ago.  I probably won't see them today.  sniffle, sniffle.  :)  I was going to ask her to watch Nicky this afternoon as I had my first mammogram scheduled and our babysitter has a puking bug and couldn't take Nicky but then I realized that Patrick has my van keys so forget that.  Not going anywhere. 

Did I say 10 days?  It feels like 10 years ago that they moved here, that we were in Mass packing up that truck.  haha!  That was crazy.  They ended up needing a second truck so we left about 8 hours later than we had planned on that Saturday.  Not too bad, actually.  Thankfully we were driving away from horrible Sandy and all of her awful weather.  We hit high winds and lots of rain around Cleveland one night but it was clear the next morning.  Thank God.

We got back home on Monday afternoon.  I had caught a cold on Sunday so I felt pretty crappy...that was a bummer.  (my nose is STILL stuffy!)  Then it was just the craziness of unpacking/life for the next bunch of days.  My mom stayed until Wednesday and Annie and Ronan and the kids slept here through Wednesday night, I think.  I think they are finally starting to feel a little settled in their apartment and Annie starts her job tomorrow!  Crazy town.  It is so so so so good to have them here.  We went to church together yesterday!  And have eaten dinner together lots of nights!!  Love.  Love.  Love.  My kids are also in heaven.  They love all of them.  I feel super thankful.

I had planned on working today.  My ebay store is down to 43 items.  Ha!  I had a bunch of sales last night through running some auctions.  Good to have some income and get rid of some slow movers but I really want to get some new stuff listed.  Maybe during nap time?

Nicky is playing Bad Piggies so I can't get any of my pictures right now.  I will try to post some later. 

Happy Monday! :)  xoox


  1. I am so happy for you all, Stephanie! What a true gift to have your family close (in more ways than one!)


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