I have been remiss in blogging about the amazing find Heidi found for me/Nicky a while back.  While at the Dig one day, I heard her calling my name from the back of the store.  This is unusual in itself but more unusual was the sound of her voice.  Something was wrong!  She needed me!  What happened, I wondered, as I headed to the back.  Did someone steal something out of her cart?  Did something fall on her?

Oh no.  She had just found the deal of the century...and she gave it to me!

She found a Peg Perego ride on excavator.  These babies sell for around $189 (but on sale right now at ToysRUs !).  I paid $8.  :)  Yay!  I ordered two new pedals (one was missing, total cost $20) but other than that it is in amazing condition, just needs to be wiped down.  Nicky is going to poop his pants on Christmas morning!!  I can't wait!  (I know that sounds strange but you know what I mean, right??) 

Thanks, Heidi!!  :)

p.s.  I promise I will blog again tomorrow.  I've missed this.  (but it might not be until later in the day.)



  1. I'm so glad you were there that day, or I would have had to buy it and tie it to the top of my van and come find you. :) Yeah for Nicky!!


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