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((I feel like I need to acknowledge the tragedy from last Friday but I'm not sure how.  It's been on my mind and heart ever since and I am trying to pray for those families every time they come to mind.  They need our prayers, every one of them.  I am praying God pours comfort and blessings down on them.  It feels awkward to talk about because I could write volumes and still not accurately describe how I feel.  I'm sure you feel the same.  xoxoxoxo))

I felt kind of drab and dull all weekend.  I slept a lot, long naps on both days.  I also really enjoyed a trip to the bookstore and breakfast out with Patrick on Saturday morning.  It was a cold and rainy morning and it felt so good to snuggle up next to him in the booth and drink our coffee together.  We had talked about what happened Friday night, but he never says too much.  I noticed all weekend that he was holding my hand a little bit tighter than usual, though.   Saturday afternoon I took James and Ruby out to do a little shopping and have dinner.  On Sunday morning we met Annie and Ronan at church and then went to the zoo for a couple of hours.  It was a really good weekend, filled with my family, which was what I wanted.  Oh yeah!  We didn't go to Duluth because my mom got sick and the forecast was calling for rain/snow mix on Saturday night and Sunday.  I didn't want to get caught in bad weather with just Ruby & I.  Our girls weekend will have to wait!

Yesterday was a crazy busy day filled with lots of shipping (yay!) and misc. errands while Nicky was at the babysitter.  I forgot my master list at home (doh!) but only missed one gift - a birthday gift for Ruby's friend Emily.  I ordered it on Amazon last night and DONE!  Woot!  My debit card was smoking yesterday.  It needs a rest. 

I'd like to say I prefer doing all of this in November.  I hope I can get my act together again next year.  A day like yesterday always leaves me feeling frazzled but I am feeling so thankful that I get to be home all day today. 

I am going to go color with Nicky now.  I hope to be back later with a sold! post.  It was a good weekend, sales wise.



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