my fingers are cold*

I'm feeling pretty good this morning, dare I say happy?  This is good news considering I woke up 3 hours ago with a headache that felt like a dagger stabbing me in the head.  ugh.  I was definitely dehydrated and am working on fixing that now.  (downside?  peeing.  I hate all the peeing that comes with proper hydration.)

How are you?

On Monday when I picked Nicky up from Sarah's, there was a big bottle of lotion in his bag.  HINT, HINT, YOUR KID HAS DRY SKIN, it shouted at me.    How embarrassing, right?  Except I wasn't really embarrassed at all.  I know Nicky is neglected in the lotion department and I was grateful that Sarah feels comfortable enough with me to call me on it, and that she cares about his little body as we head into winter. Of course, I have tons of lotion all over my house but she said this stuff (from Melaluca) was great so I accepted it.  I think no matter what, it always feels good to have someone else care about your kid.

That's all I got!

:)  Just kidding.  It looks like Ruby and I are having a girls weekend this weekend!  We are heading up to Duluth to participate in the famed "Cookie Day" that my mom and her sisters do every year.  I can NEVER go so when it looked feasible this year I decided to go for it.  I feel kind of sad that James isn't coming, as we are going to Bentleyville on Friday afternoon with my Dad, but I know he'd be SUPER bored at cookie day.

Speaking of James, he said his party was awesome.  He had tons of fun, Patrick and I were exhausted.  I am SO glad I didn't let him have more boys as 6 (including him) was PLENTY.  I much prefer a single boy sleeping over and look forward to the next 11.5 months of that simplicity.  It was super interesting listening to them all talk and argue and figure stuff out, though.  They ended up playing "animal imagination" the most.  It's a game they created where they were all animal warriors and lived in forts built all over our lower level.  They also played lots of Legos, watched one episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles, talked a lot about books and farted.  See?  Awesome.

Last year I wrote a favorite things list (I'm planning another one for Friday) and #1 was the Yankee Candle in Sparkling Pine.  Do you know that scent is RETIRED?  And the people selling it on ebay are asking TOP DOLLAR?  (dang ebay sellers!  ;)  )  Yikes.  It's kind of scary to think of a Christmas without my favorite scent now.  I'm addicted to it.  I just ordered a dozen of the tea lights on Amazon for $15, shipped.  Not too bad.  Each one burns for 4-6 hours so that is at least 48 hours of happiness.  I just calculated that it works out to about .32/hour.  Quite the bargain in my opinion.

Here are a few more pictures:

This is the banner I got at Panera last January.  :)  I love it.

 Here is Miss Ruby working on James' tablescape:  (haha, I hate that word.) 
 And the birthday boy!  I love this picture, he looks so happy.

 Ruby's finished product:
 Nicky in front of the new shelf I got for our kitchen yesterday at the Dig.  The color looks weird here but it is a gorgeous aqua that matches nothing, but I love.
 I hung some of my favorite ornaments on this vintage spinner rack on a whim and turned out loving it.  Our real tree is in the van, and will be put up today, so I might just have to move this elsewhere instead of taking it down.
 And finally, a picture of my Dad and the grandkids (missing baby Eli) from Thanksgiving weekend.  Love this, too.  xoxoox

*title totally unrelated to anything in actual post.


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